Preparation of Nusa Penida Ecological Tourism Village Model in Nyuh Kukuh Customary Village, Semat Adat Village, Tanglad Dinas Banjar, and Batukandik Village
Preparation of Nusa Penida Ecological Tourism Village Model in Nyuh Kukuh Customary Village, Semat Adat Village, Tanglad Dinas Banjar, and Batukandik Village
"Preparation of Ecological Tourism Village (DWE) Model and Multi-stakeholder Forum in Nusa Penida"
General Purpose (Mission and Vision and Values ??to be achieved in the proposed program)
A. The development of a small-scale, environmentally friendly DWE Nusa Penida service business as an effort to maintain a source of livelihood
b. Forum The existence of multi-stakeholder between parties working in Nusa Penida which will be sustainable.
Specific Objective 1: Increasing the concern of the parties towards sustainable tourism in Nusa Penida
1. Workshop on introduction to DWE and GEF-SGP programs with related agencies in Klungkung Regency
2. Consolidation of tourism actors in Nusa Penida
- DWE workshops and GEF-SGP programs with related agencies in Klungkung Regency
- Meeting of tourist actors in Nusa Penida
Specific Objective 2: Guidelines and standardization of the Nusa Penida DWE
1. Documents on the development plan for the Nusa Penida DWE route
2. There are 4 DWE Nusa Penida guides: Nyuh Kukuh, Semaya, Tanglad, Batukandik
3. There is a Nusa Penida DWE standard which is equipped with potential, management and sustainability
1. Preliminary Study and Design of the Nusa Penida DWE Route
2. Storyline of Village Nusa Ecotourism Compilation
3. Formulation of the Nusa Penida DWE (Ecological Tourism Village) Standard
Specific Objective 3: Increase the capacity of the Nusa Penida village community in developing the Nusa Penida DWE
1. There is an understanding of ecotourism in four villages
2. There were 2 groups: Nyuh Kukuh and Semaya
3. There are 2 culinary groups: Nyuh Kukuh and Batukandik
4. There is a Nusa Penida DWE document including structure, SOP, rules and business plans
1. Ecotourism Workshop
2. Tour Guide Training & Comparative Study
3. Culinary, Sanitation and Hygiene Training
4. Training & Arrangement of Management and Institutional Governance
Special Purpose 4: Disseminating information on DWE Nusa Penida
1. There is promotional media in the form of 1 video, photo gallery and website
2. There is 1 DWE Nusa Penida book and 5 village profiles
1. Development of Digital Promotion Media
2. Making the Nusa Penida DWE Brochure and Book
Special Objective 5: The distribution of seeds and seedlings of local food crops, cotton, dyes, and commodities in 4 villages
The spread of 4 types of seeds (cotton, tarum, buleleng, homeland maize) and 2 types of seeds (cactus, seaweed) through 2 trials of the Nusa Penida DWE package
1. Spreading seeds and planting seeds through the Nusa Penida DWE Package Trial
The expected results at the end of the collaboration with GEF SGP are
- Development of a small-scale, environmentally friendly DWE Nusa Penida service business as an effort to maintain a source of livelihood
The existence of sustainable tradition-based natural resource management through the practice of DWE Nusa Penida
Gender Mainstreaming and Social Inclusion
In daily activities, both men and women have an ongoing role. Through the ecological tourism village development program, both men and women are invited to increase their capacities according to the desired fields, and take advantage of their abilities and talents. One example is that each village will send several members of its community to take part in local traveling training, culinary training and organizational management training. This training is followed by anyone, and after this training is completed, everyone (both men and women) is free to choose to explore what roles or ranks suit their abilities and desires. In addition, marginalized groups such as women's groups or craftsmen have the opportunity to become centers of community-based ecotourism attractions.
Measure activity

• Planning and preparation of activities
Since the activity started, the community is involved in every activity, counting each activity and determining which activities will be carried out according to the time they have. The socialization program for the leaders and candidate beneficiaries will be carried out at the beginning of the program.
• Implementation of activities
Activities are carried out transparently and decided together with the community, so that all parties can plan and measure according to their capacity. If there is a change in the implementation plan of the activities that have been determined, then the change will be notified to the responsible party / supervisor / donor in order to achieve better goals.
• Monitoring and evaluation activities
Each training conducted will prepare a survey sheet regarding the impact of the training by the beneficiaries before attending the training and after attending the training. Periodically, the program facilitators and the person in charge of activities including the Wisnu Foundation will conduct monitoring / evaluation together, both for assisted communities, institutions and community leaders in each village.
Sustainability of activities
• How the key behaviors support the program and benefit from the program. From the outset, key figures were involved in the program, such as: village head, bendesa adat (customary leader), kelian subak (head of subak), kelian banjar (head of banjar) and PKK groups to get agreement on the implementation of activities and determine criteria for suitable beneficiaries. The involvement of related agencies such as government agencies and tourism actors in the meetings will be encouraged by the follow-up of related parties to support the implementation of DWE in assisted villages.

How is the plan for the sustainability of activities after funding from GEF SGP ends?
• Management and maintenance of activity results
After the funding program from GEF SGP ends, the institution will continue to assist community groups to continue to practice the capabilities of the program results that have been obtained. Some of these abilities are the ability to guide, cook and welcome guests. The institution will also continue to assist the group in understanding the principles of ecotourism and their implementation in the field so that group members can maintain the values ??and principles of sustainability of the concept of ecological tourism village (DWE).
• Business plan
When the group is ready, the Nusa Penida site will be included in the marketing network of the village economic and tourism association (JED) as a member, so that the ecotourism activities that have been prepared on Nusa Penida Island can be introduced to the public through websites and other forms of marketing. .
• Division of responsibilities within institutions / groups
The division of roles is adjusted to the existing organizational structure, divided or prepared in advance by the community who is the representative of the village. Some of these positions are group coordinator, subdivision coordinator (such as culinary division, accommodation division and local guides division) as well as members of the culinary division, accommodation division and local guides division.
Estimated Risk
- Communities who have carried out mass tourism practices are likely to reject or disagree with the ecotourism concepts and practices offered
Actions are proposed to reduce the risks faced in achieving the objectives or during the implementation of activities
- Conducting a process of approaching parties who are deemed less in favor of the ecotourism concept that will be offered

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