Butterfly Farming in Kaya Kauma forests for improved livelihoods and forest conservation
Butterfly Farming in Kaya Kauma forests for improved livelihoods and forest conservation
Due to population pressure, land use change, land for agriculture, infrastructure development has contributed to the need to clear more land for settlement and agriculture. Pressure on protected natural forest by the adjacent rural population is a concern faced by most of the natural resources managers; the Kenya’s kaya is not exceptional. In order to win the community support and change their perception and attitudes on the kaya forest, there is need to initiate a livelihood program for them to elk a living. With the high poverty level in Kilifi County, engaging the rural population in butterfly farming will help the household earn extra income to supplement their financial base.
Butterfly rearing and its economic implications would be introduced to the rural population through public baraza at various selected villages around kaya Kauma.

The local communities will be trained and exposed to basic butterfly rearing skills. They will be advised to set up nurseries for both butterfly food plants and commercial trees in order for them to produce their own fuel wood and reduce pressure on the forest. This will in turn help increase number of acreage under forest cover.

The indigenous knowledge and other spiritual practices attached to kaya forest are eroding at high speed this is due to influence of foreign culture especially the youth affected because the youth used to sneak into the kaya and cut down trees for sales. Income earned from the sales of butterfly pupae will help boost household income with additional income thus provide alternative livelihood for the adjacent rural population. This will reduce pressure on the kaya forest and reduction on other illegal activities practiced in this kaya.

The attitudes and perception of the local population will be changed and this will help in conserving and protecting the general biodiversity
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Arabuko Sokoke Forest Adjacent Dwellers Association
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Currently under execution

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