Strengthening woven products and the availability of woven raw materials to improve the quality of the environment and the economy of the community
Strengthening woven products and the availability of woven raw materials to improve the quality of the environment and the economy of the community
- Development of weaving products and natural raw materials in Tanglad Village
- Development of weaving derivative products to increase selling power
- Use of vacant land for agroforestry
- The creation of a beautiful environment in Tanglad Village in particular and Nusa Penida in general1) 1) Results expected at the end of the collaboration with GEF SGP
- The Alam Mesari group has a variety of cepuk weaving products
- Management of the group of cepuk weaving ALam Mesari is increasing
- There is a broader marketing and management system
- Management of group members' dry land is increased through agroforestry systems
- Availability of supporting weaving raw materials is fulfilled in the future

2) Gender Mainstreaming and Social Inclusion
What is the role of men and women in the proposed activity (by focusing on women's needs). How these activities can be enjoyed by all groups in the community including marginalized groups.
Most group members are women and 50% of them belong to the elderly who are still active in collaborating to develop cepuk weaving. The role of men in groups (1 person) is more helpful in dealing with product marketing negotiations, but not infrequently the husbands of the group members also help in weaving. The involvement of women in agriculture is also quite large, especially in terms of breeding and planting assisted by men.

3) How communities measure the success of activities
• planning and preparation of activities: carried out Together - with group members
• implementation of activities: intensive mentoring is carried out by involving outside parties who have been known to group members, including reporting activities and documentation.
• monitoring and evaluation of activities: carried out by the accompanying party equipped with the monitoring form as a program report. Evaluation of activities will be carried out every 2 months Together with the Wisnu Foundation as a Payunh Institution.

4) Opportunities for sustainability of activities
• How key behaviors support the program and benefit from this program
- Update activities regularly to key figures in the village
- Involve key actors in several activities in accordance with their roles
- Reporting / coordinating activities activities that have been carried out to key actors in the District and District
• What is the sustainability plan for activities after funding from GEF SGP ends?
• Management and maintenance of the results of activities: will be managed by the Alam Mesari cepuk weaving group.
• Business Plan: through product and marketing management training it is expected that group members will be independent to continue.
• Division of responsibilities in institutions / groups: structurally the role of each - each member has been formed, namely by the presence of: Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer in the group

5) Estimated Risks and Actions
• Estimated Risk
- Customary ceremonies that clash with the specified time of activity
- Longer dry periods in this region have an impact on the agroforestry activities that will be carried out
- Mastery of marketing technology in groups that is still very minimal
• Actions proposed to reduce the risks faced in achieving the objectives or during the implementation of activities
- Adjust activities with the local traditional ceremony calendar
- Match the planting schedule during the rainy season and ensure that the group members have water holes
- Involving young people to take a role in the use of marketing technology

Project Snapshot

Kelompok Tenun Cepuk Alam Mesari- Desa Tanglad
Area Of Work:
Grant Amount:
US$ 11,500.00
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US$ 11,713.00
Project Number:
Satisfactorily Completed
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