Building community productive economic enterprises through BUMDES and the Marsudi Lestantun Group business that is based on the environment
Building community productive economic enterprises through BUMDES and the Marsudi Lestantun Group business that is based on the environment
In general, this program aims to create community independence and prosperity in carrying out activities for productive economic enterprises by ensuring the existence of guaranteed natural services. At the end of the program, it can be ascertained that with the management of BUMDES Business Partners and Marsudi Lestantun Group will help; farming community, giving birth to community economic business units, giving permits for forest management rights, and rehabilitating land / river borders.
a. Expected results at the end of the collaboration with GEF SGP
BUMDES Business Partners and the people of Saritani Village, Tamilo Hamlet in Pabuto SP3 run with activities for sustainable management, sloping land use, and processing products that are able to guarantee the safety and welfare of the community, maintain land productivity, and guarantee the continuity of natural services.

b. Gender Mainstreaming and Social Inclusion
What is the role of men and women in the proposed activity (by focusing on women's needs). How these activities can be enjoyed by all groups in the community including marginalized groups.

Overall activities carried out still consider the needs of women and other marginalized groups. In every decision making for the implementation of activities strived to reduce risk, or have a negative impact on women's needs. It is possible that each meeting has 25 percent or more female representatives present and directly involved in the process of the activity.

c. How communities measure the success of activities
a. planning and compiling the activities of this program is carried out departing from the results of the analysis of the locations where the communities carry out production activities. So that monitoring and evaluation activities are carried out periodically beginning with the presentation of program activities to key actors, to ensure the activity process and achievement of objectives are in the flow.
b. the implementation of activities is measured by the level of participation of group members and parties who are key actors, with the report of group activities every month containing the narrative of the process of activities carried out, list of presentations, documentation of activities.
c. monitoring and evaluation of activities. Conducted through group members' participatory meetings and discussions, and Measured by monitoring reports every month group members, and reports every 3 months monitoring and evaluation with key actors at the program location. The monitoring and evaluation report contains recommendations as input based on changes in the initial conditions at the location before the program is carried out.

d. Opportunities for sustainability of activities
• How key behaviors support the program and benefit from this program.

- This program was implemented in 2 villages in the GEF SGP project location. The presence of the program is ensured to strengthen the institution of BUMDES and Marsudi Lestantun Group in developing the productive economy of the community, especially farmers. Support from all parties is possible through efforts to involve key actors starting from the beginning of the project process. Thus, activities such as socialization, communication and coordination are an important part of this project.

• What is the sustainability plan for activities after funding from GEF SGP ends?
• Management and maintenance of the results of activities, especially plants on farmers' land and river borders, granting permits to manage forest areas to community groups, and managing productive economic enterprises will certainly continue because they are managed by village institutions and communities.
• Business Plans, BUMDES Business Partners and Marsudi Lestantun groups have business management plans that are prepared and agreed upon.
• Distribution of responsibilities, based on rules compiled and agreed upon by Business Partner BUMDES and Marsudi Lestantun Group through the proposed program to GEF SGP.
e. Estimated Risk and Action
• Risks that are very likely to arise because of horizontal election conflicts, pilkades, tenure conflicts, and natural disasters.
Related to these problems the process of implementing program activities involves involving key actors from the beginning of its implementation, establishing communication and coordination relationships, and focusing on achieving program objectives.
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Project Snapshot

Area Of Work:
Grant Amount:
US$ 17,500.00
Co-Financing Cash:
US$ 29,117.00
Co-Financing in-Kind:
US$ 20,434.00
Project Number:
Satisfactorily Completed
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