Forum Multistakeholder Pulau Semau, Kabupaten Kupang NTT
Forum Multistakeholder Pulau Semau, Kabupaten Kupang NTT
General purpose
Capacity building from some village heads, stakeholders and competition groups and the community in general in intervention villages

Policy and Service The Kupang and provincial district governments reach out to Semau Island, including service policies to ensure the sustainability of the Semau P. ecosystem, for example replacing agricultural support in a more sustainable direction (development of organic fertilizers), community-based water conservation, community-based tourism, waste handling, and sustainable fisheries

There is an initiative to exchange information and knowledge between communities, between the government and citizens, between the private sector and the citizens through regular discussions that have been initiated by the assisted groups and the village regarding the development of the sustainability of P. Semau

a. Gender Mainstreaming and Social Inclusion

Independent community access to sustainable and equal water management in managing water between men and women includes making decisions or policies related to water.

Strong community institutions consisting of men and women and have equal rights in the management of organizations or community institutions

Strong community institutions consisting of men and women and have equal rights in the management of organizations or community institutions.

What is the role of men and women in the proposed activity (by focusing on women's needs). How these activities can be enjoyed by all groups in the community including marginalized groups.

The program created by the government also pays attention to women, female heads of household and also women workers who have not been respected as breadwinners. Government programs / activities must be inclusive by including the needs and interests of women.

b. How communities measure the success of activities
• planning and preparation of activities
• implementation of activities
• monitoring and evaluation of activities
• Self monitoring and with residents
• Community involvement in forum activities
• Citizen access to government programs and activities
• The programs and activities carried out by the government are in accordance with mutual agreement and government commitment to the forum on Semau Island

c. Opportunities for sustainability of activities
• How key behaviors support the program and benefit from this program
Establishment of a multistakeholder permanent dialogue forum adopted by the district government in order to ensure the sustainability of livelihoods and the environment of Semau Island. Forums involve multi-stakeholder parties to facilitate access and control
• What is the sustainability plan for activities after funding from GEF SGP ends?
i. The Regional Research and Development Development Planning Agency adopted a dialogue forum for the development of Semau Island.
ii. Grassroots groups and actors accompanied by the GEF-SGP program have the capacity to advocate for development plans and budgets in Semau Island.
iii. The Community and Village Empowerment Service (PMD) is the leading sector in rural development on Semau Island

d. Estimated Risk and Action
• Estimated Risk
The density of each stakeholder so that regular / routine meetings are hampered - actions: meetings are made every 3 months and consider the time of all stakeholders / flexible dates

District development planning in the RKPD every year does not accommodate proposals from residents in musrembang activities

• Actions proposed to reduce the risks faced in achieving the objectives or during the implementation of activities

residents are activated in the forum and musrembang activities so that they can oversee proposals during musrembangkab, including guarding Renja / dipa in each budget year in the Dinas / technical agency
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Project Snapshot

Perkumpulan TAFENA Tabua
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US$ 35,000.00
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US$ 35,263.00
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Satisfactorily Completed

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