Community Empowerment of Horuo Village and Mantigola Village Through Utilization with Mangrove Forest Education
Community Empowerment of Horuo Village and Mantigola Village Through Utilization with Mangrove Forest Education
the realization of the people of Horuo and Mantingola Village, Kaledupa who are independent, environmentally friendly and prosperous.

Objective 1:
Improvement of sustainable resource use practices through mangrove food processing in Horuo and Mantigola Villages.
1. Identified ecosystems and types of mangroves that can be consumed.
2. There is an oral agreement between the stakeholders involved regarding the use of mangroves to become processed food products.
3. The formation of community-based communities that are active in the use, conservation, and processing of mangroves
4. Empowerment of Community Assistance Groups through human resource capacity building activities for the production and marketing of mangrove processed food products.
1. Identify the types of mangroves in Horuo and Mantigola that can be processed into food products and consumed.
2. Doing a simple mapping of the marine ecosystem in the mangrove forest area and can be used as a value added function of mangrove forests.
3. Coordination with traditional institutions, village government and the community.
4. FGDs and deliberations build understanding with customary institutions, village governments, and communities related to the use and processing of mangroves.
5. Forming community-based business groups related to the utilization of processed mangrove products begins with conducting training on the manufacture of processed mangrove food products.
6. Facilitation of borrowing raw materials and energy-efficient mangrove fruit production equipment.
7. Providing assistance and testing of mangrove derivative products to produce recipes and products ready for sale.
8. Increasing product sales capacity through business management training, packaging, marketing, labeling, and storage of products ready for sale.
9. Encourage PKU Horuo to take care of licensing the Home Industry Food (PIRT).
10. Socialization for the survey of mangrove food markets at traditional ceremonies, community ceremonial events and the annual Kaledupa food festival.
11. Distribution and promotion to meet the sales target of mangrove processed products.
Objective 2:
Revitalizing knowledge about environmental management in coastal areas including mangrove ecosystems, seagrass beds, and coral reefs through informal education 'Coastal Study Groups' (KBP).
1. There is an oral agreement between stakeholders involved about informal teaching and learning activities about marine and environmental themed.
2. Efforts to transfer environmental knowledge and local wisdom to young people in Horuo and Mantigola.
3. The application of active learning media that is interesting and creative.
4. HR capacity building of teaching staff.
5. Reduction of plastic waste in the Horuo Village and sea areas of Mantigola
1. Identification and coordination with education stakeholders in the villages of Horuo and Mantigola for the implementation of the informal education program 'Coastal Learning Groups' (KBP).
2. FGDs and deliberations build an understanding of the vision, mission and values ??with educational institutions of elementary schools (SD) and junior high schools (SMP), village heads and the community regarding the main objectives of education in KBP activities.
3. Initiating informal education with creative learning methods and media with the theme of KBP to deepen environmental and marine education for Bajo children and adolescents in Horuo and Mantigola villages.
4. Conducting Training for Elementary & Middle School Educators and Youth Youth in Horuo and Mantigola related to creative learning methods.
5. Encourage the Youth Organization group to be active in the involvement of informal education by preparing a schedule of activities and KBP learning materials and media.
6. Initiating creative activities to utilize plastic waste for Bajo children into simple, environmentally friendly products.

Special Purpose 3
Monitoring, Evaluation, Dissemination (Dissemination) of Documentation and Reporting
1. Implementation of one (1) monitoring in 1 month for 12 months.
2. Implementation of evaluation workshops at least once (1) a year.
3. The existence of one (1) information dissemination on mangrove processed products and the education of the Coastal Learning Group through a 100-sheet leaflet.
4. There is one (1) documentation package during the activity that is stored in one special hard disk and two (2) photo books.
Twelve (12) Monthly Activity Report packages and one (1) Final Program Report.
1. Monitoring
2. Evaluation Workshops
3. Dissemination (Dissemination)
4. Documentation
5. Reporting

Project Snapshot

Kelompok Akar Embun
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US$ 25,000.00
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US$ 25,372.00
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Satisfactorily Completed

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