WEAVING, SHARING AND CARING: Supporting Increasing the Productivity of Traditional Semau South Weaving Weaving Through Education and Literacy
WEAVING, SHARING AND CARING: Supporting Increasing the Productivity of Traditional Semau South Weaving Weaving Through Education and Literacy
Purpose of Activity
This activity aims to support the increase in the productivity of traditional ikat weaving of South Semau people by:
1. make a community weaving group in the village
2. establishing educational production and weaving studios based on weaving
3. make a routine program of weaving, sharing and caring as an activity to support the sustainability of the weaving studio
4. regeneration of weaving craftsmen in the village
5. modernizing the weaving marketing system
6. establish a weaving bank
7. zerowaste lifestyle campaign to studio members
8. increasing the spirit of education and literacy to the community.

Ecological Challenges
1. Limited sources of fresh water
2. had experienced an ecological crisis in 2015, namely there was no food stock because the plants died before harvesting
3. the flow of consumer goods is unstoppable so that the Semau community which was once a producer was influenced to become a consumer society
4. The decline in interest in weaving among the community because farming is considered easier and more productive than weaving, whose products are priced low
5. Weaving with cotton raw material is gone because cotton trees are no longer maintained
6. the use of natural coloring in weaving begins to decrease and is replaced by synthetic coloring.

Location of Activity
This activity will be held in Batuinan Village, Semau Selatan District, Kupang Regency, East Nusa Tenggara. The area is approximately 189.17km2 and is divided into eight villages, namely the villages of Batuinan, Bokonusan, Hansisi, Huilelot, Letbaun, Otan, Uiasa, and Uitao. Semau Subdistrict is on Semau Island, which is located in the west of Timor Island.
Semau Subdistrict is in an archipelago with a semi-arid ecosystem with rainfall between 300-800 mm / year. The land landscape is in the form of hills. The plants found there are dry land agriculture, fields, and teak and red wood forests. The animals there are livestock. Coastal and marine ecosystems include mangroves and coral reefs.
This activity is said to be successful if the weaving group can:
1. produce weaving consistently
2. sell woven products on a large or small scale
3. can market the weaving in a modern way
4. weaving groups can manage the studio independently
Activity Output
1.1 Increased welfare of group members from the marketing of handicrafts that have been managed independently by the community
1.2 Increased awareness and skills of group members in investing in woven handicrafts.
1.3 The development of the economy of the Semau community in general, especially in the entrepreneurial sector.
1.4 The sustainability of the weaving studio and its activities are mobilized and utilized directly by the Semau community.
1. weaving groups are able to carry out the sustainability of the studio from the results of productivity and effective sales
2. The long-term sustainability of the weaving group is guaranteed by the investment of its members through a weaving bank
3. cadre of weaving figures to access monitoring and maintain the sustainability of the studio
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Project Snapshot

Buku Berbagi
Area Of Work:
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US$ 1,500.00
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US$ 1,501.46
Project Number:
Satisfactorily Completed

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Email: komunitas.bukuberbagi@gmail.com


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