Reducing Deforestation Through the Use of Solar Conduction Dryers for fish farmers in Zumba, Shiroro Community
Reducing Deforestation Through the Use of Solar Conduction Dryers for fish farmers in Zumba, Shiroro Community
Shiroro Community is located in Shiroro local government area of Niger State. The community covers an area of 5,015 square kilometers and has an estimated population of 235,404 people according to 2006 Census estimates. Because of the rich fertile land and the presence of the Kaduna River, the predominant occupation of the people is divided between crop farming and fishing. Fishing has contributed largely to their source of living and this is due to the presence of the Shiroro dam along the Kaduna River. However, the productivity for fishing business has been facing critical challenges of over-supply during peak seasons which has constantly lead to post harvest loses. It is estimated that 30% of harvested fishes is spoiled due to improper handling and storage. The community farmers have engaged drying as their major means of preservation of these fishes thereby cutting trees to make tons of fuel wood for use for drying. The consequence is deforestation in the community which would in-turn affect the environment.
The project seeks to introduce Solar Conduction Dryers, which is a technology that uses novel combination method of heat transfer in drying. A total of 1,000 households will benefit in fish post-harvest management, compliance with eco-friendly practices, supply chain management, troubleshooting & maintenance of the Solar Conduction Dryers. About 100 community farmers will be adequately trained as trainers to transfer such knowledge to other community dwellers.
Sustainability of the project for effectiveness would include the formation of cooperatives to maintain the installations and management of the funds generated from the usage of the drier for further community developments as well as replication of this technology. Good practices and lessons learnt on climate smart agricultural practices as well as on climate change and adaptation practices will step down to other indirect beneficiaries as agreed during the consultative meeting. The information, educative and communication materials will be produced in local language to enhance knowledge and communication on climate change adaptation in the community.
The expected outcome would include; Direct reduction on the amount of trees fell for burning as source of drying energy, reduction on post-harvestloses, preservation of fished and increased income generation. The total cost of this project is 70,000 USD, Helpline is requesting for 40,000 USD
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Project Snapshot

Area Of Work:
Climate Change Mitigation
Grant Amount:
US$ 20,000.00
Co-Financing Cash:
Co-Financing in-Kind:
US$ 36,000.00
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Project Terminated Before Completion

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