Read 2 Rise Green Space
Read 2 Rise Green Space
CHILD FRIENDLY READING AND KNOWLEDGE BUILDING WITH LITERATURE TO ENVIRONMENTAL ACTION: Read to Rise (R2R) Green Space will be used as a mechanism by the youngest of our populations to link the identified Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) within Trinidad and Tobago local communities of Mayaro and Guayaguayare. R2R Green Space, funded by GEF SGP will target children ages 3 to 12 years in two schools who will participate within a creative reading and knowledge building process that will serve to promote and “actionalize” SDGs 6,7, 13, 14, 15 (which directly relate to the GEF Focal areas of climate change and biodiversity) and work with youngest of populations and their parents to share environmental experiences and to identify community environmental assets to facilitate core collaborative sustainable environmental activities within the context of their schools and their communities.

R2R Green Space will introduce students to non-fiction and fictional environmental books and engage them student centred reading process as well as use a literary knowledge building process to promote shared responsibility, draw on students’ relevant experiences, build on what children already experience in their communities, provide an opportunity for students to freely explore their environment and participate in activities for community application.

R2R Green Space “literature to community action” will also engage families to inform how their children literary knowledge building activities can relevantly apply to building local environmental sustainability.

CREATIVE ENGAGEMENT, MENTORSHIP AND LITERATURE DEVELOPMENT: R2R Green Space will also serve to facilitate and develop young minds to creatively contribute to the sustainability and resiliency of their communities through creative mentorship, engagement and literacy.

The programme intentionally provides literary mentorship and artistic engagement to motivate their inquiry and learning process to create purpose-driven, environmental-focused literature, children books including complementary artistic environmentally sensitive resource tools. Locally and internationally authored R2R books will also be resource for literary engagement of story-telling, creative writing, and art. The literary engagement process will enhance students’ awareness and knowledge of their environment as well as serve to build their self-confidence, self-efficacy, cultural competency including their reading and learning competencies. The R2R process provides a conducive learning environment to empower them to ask questions, identify environmental problems and develop alternative environmental solutions.

PARTNERSHIP, INTEGRATION AND SHARING: While R2R Green Space raises students’ environmental awareness, validates their environmental experiences through book development and it will also create a space for sharing their perspectives of environment-focused solutions with parents, community relevant stakeholders.

The sharing of creative literature developed Bridge and in partnership UWI-DCFA is intended for teacher use and integration in school curriculum within the R2R schools and for sharing and eventual dissemination beyond R2R schools. Hence, key learnings of R2R through child friendly knowledge building, literature community action projects and creative engagement will serve as a framework for sharing their experiences and perspectives within the community stakeholders and GEF SGP stakeholders. The intention is for R2R Green Space to be viewed and used as a replicable and scalable model in Trinidad and Tobago including other Caribbean regional countries.
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Project Snapshot

The Bridge Foundation
Trinidad and tobago
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US$ 50,000.00
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US$ 43,621.13
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Satisfactorily Completed

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Ms. Anthea McLaughlin
Phone: 376-4795


The Normandie 10 Nook Avenue, St. Anns
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Ms. Sharda Mahabir


c/o UNDP, United Nations House, 3A Chancery Lane