Capacity Building for Community Forests Stakeholders in Cross River State
Capacity Building for Community Forests Stakeholders in Cross River State
The decision of the government of Cross River State, Nigeria, to build a Calabar-Okwotung/Obudu/Yara 6 lanes Super Highway through the forests now threatens to open up the territory for logging, land grabbing and destruction of the forests and associated livelihoods and traditions attached to them. The proposed Super Highway is expected to commence from a proposed deep sea port of Esighi in Bakassi Local Government Area and run through the entire length of the state, to Katsina Ala in neighbouring Benue State. In a Public Notice of Revocation, the Government of Cross River State claimed a 20.4 KM right of way for the Super Highway over the 260KM length of the Highway through the forests translating to, among other things, destroying community forests, including the 33,600 hectares Ekuri Community Forest.
The government has already commenced bulldozing parts of community forests without compliance with the requirements of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Act of 1992 and the peoples’ right to free prior informed consent as encapsulated in ILO article 169. There has been no public consultation on the proposal.
The project objective is to equip the communities, media and civil society groups with knowledge and tools such as the EIA in defending their forests against destruction and to secure their heritage. This will be achieved through community training and popular consultations using fact-sheets/Briefs. It will also include the vigorous use of the media to ensure realigning of the Highway from the forests and for compliance with extant laws.
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Health of Mother Earth Foundation
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Climate Change Mitigation
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