The Role of Women in Utilizing Textile Waste towards Zero Waste Industry
The Role of Women in Utilizing Textile Waste towards Zero Waste Industry
Woman involving in waste treatment convection added value in zero waste processing product

Objective 1
: Producing a work and a new product to many function from patchwork that uses by public at large
Indicators : 1. Produce minimim 10 sample product
2. Availability one training material
3. Availability 2 woman groups who developed waste treatment convection
Activities : 1. Product development training, consist making household accesories, craft, school tools, and other craft with patchwork material that used from garment industry waste
2. Composing the training material
3. Product development from patchwork
4. Focus Group Discussion
5. Capacity building the group and choose one chairman
6. Composing the work plan mechanism
Objective 2 : Increasing the skill, ability and women group creativity in Tegal Kenanga to producing craft from patchwork that from convection waste
Indicators : 1. Conducting 5 times workshop and training
Activities : 1. Creative patchwork workshop training (5 times meeting in 1,5 months)
2. Product creativity training (5 times meeting in 1,5 months)
3. Capacity building training
4. Increasing Alternative livelihood for community

Objective 3 : Promote the convection waste product toward a zero waste campaign
Indicators : 1. Following one exhibition in national level and two local exhibition
Activities : 1. Preparing the product stock
2. Preparing the Production material
3. Making and Preparing display tools and exhibition tools
4. Exhibition in province level
5. Exhibition in national level

1. small businesses actor in the areas of convection are incorporated in this pilot project to understand the concept of zero waste and can apply them in a business carried on now.
2. Development of products made from patchwork growing, both in terms of design and in terms of quality of manufacture.
3. Formed 5 groups of women who were assisted convection respectively.
4. Products upcycle scraps of material capable of being a mainstay of choice for the typical souvenirs of Yogyakarta.
5. Products upcycle able source of income and an increase in family economic artisans involved

Participants and/or Project Beneficiaries

Direct : 45 woman in Tegal kenanga district, Bugisan , Yogyakarta
Indirect : 300 People (from convection industry and Tegal Kenanga Bugisan community
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Project Snapshot

Perhimpunan LAWE
Area Of Work:
Climate Change Mitigation
Grant Amount:
US$ 20,000.00
Co-Financing Cash:
Co-Financing in-Kind:
US$ 20,368.00
Project Number:
Satisfactorily Completed
Project Characteristics and Results
Replication of project activities
1. At the community level by forming groups with as well as forming stewardship, and each group is required to have at least one person capable of leading, have the skills and have the ability to encourage group members to come forward. Members of the group who have been able to have the skills, knowledge or skills are required to transmit to the people around him at least 2 people. 2. In the student environment by providing as much knowledge about the educational skills of various recycle products with a view to making them as trainer especially for departments that have relationships with community assistance. 3. Both groups should have a view to continue to carry out training activities to develop independently yaang knowledge and skills they have. 4. Create a tutorial then be made in the form of printed or publicized through social media, so as to reach a wider audience.
Project sustainability
1. Processing of waste cloth to create a superior product. 2. Cooperate with the convection in order to process waste cloth. 3. Organizing the former trainees have the skills to be able to continue to grow and have an income independently.
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