Developing Entrepreneurship as Method to Support the Up-Scaling and Exit Strategy of Program supported by GEF SGP Indonesia
Developing Entrepreneurship as Method to Support the Up-Scaling and Exit Strategy of Program supported by GEF SGP Indonesia
Developing the enterpreneurship based on community that have the vision and mission to increase the management environment conservation in Indonesia in order community have the contribution to GEF 6 Strategy and ensre the sustainability and facilitation to community through develompent the Development enterpreneurship Management unit and product from activity that supported by GEF SGP Indonesia.

Objective 1
: Developing the comprehensive business plan in Building entrepreneurship unit management independently that involved by partners and business community that managing business
Indicators : 1. Composing the blue print about the Terasmitra Business Planning as work plan
2. Composing identification the potential products that would be facilitation and developed by student college in Business and management school that would involves in this activity
Activities : 1. Conducting potential product identification toward the market
2. Developing product that suitable in increasing the business development and market acces to indentification potential product toward market
Objective 2 : Building the development management unit in entrepreneurship as facilitator for capacity building and product development in a developed community business
Indicators : 1. Existence one unit management business in developing enterpreneurship
2. Existence workshop and training development management
3. Existence that field note
Activities : 1. Conductiong the enterpreneushio development recruitment
2. Enterpreneurship Unit management developed training
3. Conducting the facilitation to the unit management in enterpreneurship developed
4. Conducting the monthly evaluation
Objective 3 : Spreading the ideas of community enterprenership through Terasmitra
Indicators : 1. Facilitation to 5 community that would developed or program that they have
2. Existence the development partners product minimum 10 product
3. Existence the mobilisation fund strategy in supporting to partners effort that have developed
4. Conducting one national stakeholder meeting
Activities : 1. Conducting the potential program identification in shortime that take the support to developed as a upscalling and replication
2. Conducting capacity building organization and management with make a corporation with the facilitator that increase the capacity in management unit development that choosen by GEF SGP Indonesia
3. Conducting the human resources to potential program that held in upscalling and replication
4. Conducting the round up suppoer and human resources with the enterpreneurship development networks
5. Documentation project
1. Implementation of assistance those are adequate and intensive to deliver Entrepreneurship Development Management Unit into a self-contained unit and business function.
2. Improving market access and funding of programs and products that had been developed by the partners and the community accompanied by GEF-SGP Indonesia.
3. The development of a minimum of 2 (two) the concept of scaling up and replication of GEF-SGP Indonesian program developed at the level of program and community partners with a minimum of 1 (one) of them have been proposed for the support of institutions supporting relevant resources.
4. The development of a minimum of 10 (ten) items flagship product from products that have been developed by the community supported by the GEF-SGP Indonesia and developed at the community level partners and assisted with 5 (five) of them obtain good market access with increased The minimum turnover by 30% within a period of 1 (one) year.
5. Approval of funding support from financial institutions or corporate social responsibility program to a minimum of 2 (two) programs involving active partners and community partners in the design, implementation and evaluation of such activities.
6. An increase in the level of partner and community in terms of social entrepreneurship capacity management, product marketing and resource mobilization to encourage alternative models in the utilization of natural resources-based sustainability.
7. Implementation of minimum 1 (one) meetings with community partners and GEF-SGP Indonesia to conduct an evaluation of the activities that have been ongoing.
8. Availability reporting that consist of a maximum of 20 pages of A4 is equipped with a maximum of 3 page executive summary and appendices.
Participants and/or Project Beneficiaries
Direct : 20 GEF SGP partners that would developed their product
Indirect : GEF SGP Partners (Around 5000 people)
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Institute Riset Sosial dan Ekonomi
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Satisfactorily Completed

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