The village of Hamilton Estate lies just 2 miles east of the capital city of Charlestown. The community was built around the ruins of the Hamilton Estate, which was a sugar plantation until the 1950's and was owned by the family of Alexander Hamilton— one of the United States’ “Founding Fathers,” who was born and raised on the island of Nevis.

In Hamilton Estate, a small rural community, indiscriminate open dumping of solid waste—specifically plastics and paper—are creating unsightly surroundings, choking drains and thus having a negative impact on the physical environment. Some of these solid wastes such as food and other kitchen wastes, paper, glass, metal, plastic containers and packaging are the results of daily activities. Other materials such as construction wastes (tiles, concrete, rebar, lumber, sheeting), clothing, and hazardous wastes (medications, batteries, paints, chemicals) are often inappropriately handled (recycled or disposed of improperly) thereby creating hazardous litter. These carelessly disposed wastes eventually pollute waterways and contaminate the natural environment as well as threaten the health of all in the area. Additionally, improper waste management also jeopardizes Nevis' reputation as a clean, green country and affects tourism—the key target sector for economic growth.

Plastic items consistently represent the major category of marine debris. In Nevis, with its radial slopes, debris can easily enter waterways and reach the coastlines during periods of heavy, tropical rainfall. This debris damages not only fisheries but it also kills and injures a wide range of marine life. In addition, the collection of debris causes severe navigational problems and has the potential to transport harmful chemicals and invasive species that further threaten human health.

Addressing the issue of unsightly scattered trash in Hamilton Estate is indeed the responsibility of the residents. Nevis has an established solid waste management programme but the improperly disposed trash that ends up along the coastlines and in the public drains are often left behind by waste collectors. Consequently, the poor disposal of trash is having a negative impact on the Hamilton Estate landscape.

Historically, Hamilton Estate residents, like residents in many other communities in Nevis, dispose of trash using traditional methods of garbage truck collection. While this method has some effectiveness, residents can be encouraged to be more proactive and can be educated about the types of waste that they create and alternative options to dispose or recycle it.
The Reach Hamilton Estate Community Group has proposed to Reduce the amount of trash in the national landfill and water courses and the sea by using recyclable products to make handbags thus engaging women and youth in a meaningful livelihood activity encouraged by a widespread public awareness campaign.
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Project Snapshot

Saint Kitts and Nevis
Area Of Work:
Land Degradation
Grant Amount:
US$ 50,000.00
Co-Financing Cash:
US$ 24,960.00
Co-Financing in-Kind:
US$ 23,685.00
Project Number:
Satisfactorily Completed
Project Characteristics and Results
Promoting Public Awareness of Global Environment
A wide spread public awareness campaign has been planned to bring awareness to a pressing problem:- Carelessly disposed land based wastes pollute waterways and contaminate the natural environment as well as threaten the health of the community. Additionally, residents will be educated about the types of waste that they create and alternative options to dispose or recycle it.
Capacity - Building Component
Capacity building is in the form of learning a new skill that translates into a livelihood activity that can be sustainable with proper marketing.
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Number of women participated / involved in SGP project 5
Total additional in cash or in kind support obtained for new initiatives and opportunities through SGP project (in US dollars) 18000
Total monetary value (US dollars) of ecosystem goods sustainably produced and providing benefit to project participants and/or community as a whole (in the biodiversity, international waters, and land degradation focal areas as appropriate) 15000

Grantee Contact

Mr Leroy Willett
Phone: 18696608175


Hamilton Estate
Charlestown ,

SGP Country office contact

Ms. Ilis Watts


Conaree Village, Conaree, St. Kitts (temporary)