Community Development Programme Through Managing Natural Dye Ecotourim Village: Rainbow Village
Community Development Programme Through Managing Natural Dye Ecotourim Village: Rainbow Village
Sejati Desa Village as development model ecotourism village through land conservation base on natural dye and planting utilization for Community welfare improvement.
Objective 1 : Land Conservation in around the rover and watershed
Indicators : 1. Formation of one group of people managing natural dye plants derived from the miners by 30 people
2. Presence of 1 piece of demonstration plots to plant 1 hectare of natural dyes trees
3. Planting Dadap (Erythrina variegate) crops total of 3000 trees, 250 trees planted in demonstration plots
4. Presence of 1 of 3.5 acres of demonstration plots to plant natural coloring
5. Many as 2,000 avocado trees, 3000 teak trees, jackfruit trees in 2000, 2000 guava, hibiscus and planted 500 trees in natural dyeing demonstration plot
Activities : 1. Socialization activities to the public through community meetings and the formation of a natural dye plant manager "Royo-Royo"
2. Increasing community capacity (capacity building) in the region to exploit the potential of building a locally owned in the form of increased knowledge of the nature friendly life, opportunities and challenges, as well as the utilization of the opportunities to the fullest
3. Regular meetings once a month group
4. Preparations for the two demonstration plots of land
5. Agricultural management training
6. Planting dadap (Erythrina variegate) for plants and the natural dye trees
7. Planting avocado, teak, jackfruit, guava, and hibiscus flower for natural coloring
8. Fertilizing the land with manure
9. Care and maintenance of the demonstration plot.
Objective 2 : Create the economy creative groups for natural dye utilization as ad developing ecotourism village
Indicators : 1. Formation of two groups of users the creative economy and the natural dyes 1 tourist village management group respectively around 15 people
2. Formation of two groups of product marketing creative economy and tourist villages, each of which also consists of 15 persons
3. Establishment of a mentoring process public records as a draft management model based on the potential tourist village area
Activities : 1. Socialization and regular meetings of groups of creative economy and tourist village manager
2. Training processing of natural coloring, meeting 5 times in 1.5 months
3. Creatively weaving training, 5 sessions in 1.5 months
4. The product creation training, 5 sessions in 1.5 months
5. Increasing the capacity of village tourism and marketing manager
6. Preparation of records management processes tourist village (interview, write, photograph, and record issuance process)
Objective 3 : Encourage the creation of communities in the management agreement tourist village that is free from sand mining
Indicators : 1. The completion of a draft management agreement tourist village that is free from sand mining
Activities : 1. Conducting the regular meetings to discuss community management agreement tourist village
2. Preparation of the draft agreement will be posted on the record
3. Socialization management agreement throughout the tourist village villagers
Objective 4 : Promotion the ecotourism village “Rainbow village” and the economic creative that supported all
Indikator : 1. Conducting one times the Community market namely, “Tenun Stagen”
2. Designing the interactive media for promoting the crative product and ecotourism village
Kegiatan : 1. Launching the Community Market “Tenun Stagen”
2. Product Bazaar
3. The making of website and brochure (advertising)
a) The Tourist can take a walk in the demonstration plots of natural dyes while seeing and enjoying the beauty of the natural dye plants, dyeing process, weaving stagen, until the production process with the cool air of the plant perimbun.
b) The Tourist can attempt a yarn dyeing with natural dyes, weaving, to create products made from woven main distinctive color stagen Rainbow Village.
c) The Tourists can buy good quality products made from natural color main stagen not only attractive, but also environmentally friendly.

Participants and/or Project Beneficiaries
Direct : 611 people in Sejati Sub Village that consist 310 men and 310 women
Indirect : 6000 * the general public in a broad scope, including the public in the Special Region and surrounding areas; users of social media; access of the community website, and visitors.
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Project Snapshot

Tim Dreamdellion Yogya
Area Of Work:
Climate Change Mitigation
Grant Amount:
US$ 15,000.00
Co-Financing Cash:
US$ 7,169.00
Co-Financing in-Kind:
US$ 11,163.00
Project Number:
Satisfactorily Completed
Project Characteristics and Results
Planning non gef grant
To build the Tourism Village takes 1-2 years is not enough so that even 5 years after the project is over we must also continue to provide guidance to the public until at least their self-sustainable economy and more awareness in loving and maintain the environment so that the plan to expand the scale to other grants will continue we try.
Project sustainability
Until the time this project is reportedly still some unfinished program because it is constrained few things so that after even this we still will continue the program to be implemented properly. Some programs are not yet complete, among others: 1. Conservation of land around the river that has not been done thoroughly. 2. Demonstration that is not well ordered 3. Market folk weaving as part of a campaign that has not been done and our new flats to be held in november 2015.
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