Utilization of Lier Cassava (Cassava Toxic) For High Quality Food Products and Ingredients Herbal Substitute Wheat-Based Group Women in Tulis Sub-watershed
Utilization of Lier Cassava (Cassava Toxic) For High Quality Food Products and Ingredients Herbal Substitute Wheat-Based Group Women in Tulis Sub-watershed
By 2016 the village became the center of production Mocaf Sered and Herbal medicine in the district Banjarnegara and development of food-grade materials by utilizing Cassava Lier

Objective 1 : Seed demonstration plots and seed production Cassava lier 2 ha, in Sered Jurang, monoculture and intercropping
Indicators : 1. There are demonstration plots of Cassava Lier in 2 ha sered Jurang Village, 05 in monoculture, intercropping 1.5
2. Availability of cassava lier plant seeds
3. The addition of a local plant salak stud
Activities : 1. a) procurement of seeds, Cassava Lier is cultivated plant growing scarcity of the availability of seeds is also very minimal, in fulfillment of the requirements for about 6000 seed cuttings , per ha done by way of looking into several areas or farmers. This activity takes place from July 2013, to date collected and planted 150 seedlings cuttings. This procurement was helped by Regional Planning and Development Agency 5.000.000 rupiahs, - the budget changes 2013, and SGP - Indonesia
b) Procurement of seed corn intercropping 1.5 ha required 8 kg 3 times for planting corn
c) Procurement of local male seed salak, at the location of the oblique and prone to landslides. These plants produce male flowers are needed for pollination Pondoh Salak. The sum of these villages 1 : 100 Trees. So as needed about 1500 seedlings stud salak. Now, it is already recorded 600 stud salak trees in the village.
2. The land Preparation, land treatment carried out by members of the group with the hiring of man power, activities facilitated Local Regional Planning and Development Agency and SGP Indonesian
3. Planting, be in the field with the village head bent sharing system the village head, village and Community performed by members of the group, with the hiring of manpower, activities facilitated Local Regional Planning and Development Agency and SGP - Indonesian
4. Maintenance, carried out by members of the group with the hiring of manpower, activities facilitated By Local Regional Planning and Development Agency and SGP - Indonesian
5. Harvesting is conducted by members of the group with the hiring of manpower, activities facilitated Local Regional Planning and Development Agency and SGP - Indonesian
6. Intercropping with maize
Objective 2 : Production of cassava processing for starch mocaf lier, food products, and herbal products
Indicators : 1. There are tons of flour mocaf 3 demonstration plot
2. There lier cassava processed products other than flour
3. There is a processed product made from cassava mocaf lier by 5 types
4. There is a processed product made from raw herbs from cassava lier by 2 types
Activities : 1. Procurement tool. Procurement of equipment includes production equipment and production equipment mocaf flour processed mokaf. Herbal products and processing tools. Each consists of the means of production and means of packaging each 2. Facilitated by Indakop and SGP-Indonesian
2. Procurement of Materials
Procurement of raw during a immature demonstration plot, is to buy raw materials from farmers by the group. After harvesting the raw materials taken from demonstration plot
3. Trial production process. The process of trial production has already commenced for some products, equipment temporarily not had KP Serayu Two in cooperation with Polytechnic Banjarnegara. After testing is completed, it is expected that there is facility of the SGP-Indonesian, Indakop, and CSR IP.
4. Packaging. The activities include the manufacture of packaging, packaging for each product are facilitated by Indakop of SGP-Indonesian, Indakop, CSR IP,5. Kegiata marketing promotion, dissemination, sales and customer service.
5. Marketing promotion activities, socialization, sales and customer service.
Objective 3 : Increasing the capacity of the group
Indicators : 1. There are training to 150 people with 5 training materials
Activities : Capacity Training Group aims to building the abilities and skills, so as to become replicator technology. This type of training consists of:
1. Management training programs
2. Training cultivation
3. Post-harvest Handling Training
4. Training manufacture of various foods from flour mocaf (post-harvest cassava lier) and
5. Training herbal treatment of toxic cassava
6. Marketing training
These are would implemented from June 2014, each training 10 s / d 30 people in the hall banjarnegara Polytechnic, with persons realition of Polytechnic, Indakop, Department of Health, Agriculture, Environment and CTF. Facilitated by Local Regional Planning and Development Agency and SGP
Objective 4 : Owned Enterprise Development Group
Indicators : There Cooperative Business entities that handle refined products business activities
Activities : 1. Owned Enterprise Management Training in the KP group conducted by Serayu Two, followed by members consisted of 10 people with speakers from Indakop and SMEs. This event will conducted for 3 days.
2. Manufacture of the product catalog is intended to provide information about the technology and also information about the activities of the group. Created in the form of colored leaflet 1000 pieces
3. Procurement product display, to exhibit and disseminate to the public to be able to provide information, then the resulting product should didisplai in special display, display the number of 3 pieces,

1. Group activities in adapting to climate change has an impact for ecological change society without lowering income levels, the ability of this group is an opportunity to change the behavior of the communities that non-conservation or exploitation.
2. Community involvement in land cultivators around, a challenge for the group and the government to engage them in activities and provide different to residents outside the village who possess land in the village for more b contribute to the environment.

Participants and/or Project Beneficiaries
Direct : The members of a group of 30 people, farmers seed receiver about 120 people.
Women's Group members Serayu two 30 People Women, Advisory / Protector Male, 3 people.
Recipients of cassava farmers seed potatoes lier lier of demonstration plots KP is Serayu two villages Sered and Tetengga village which is dry land farmers with the following details
1. Sered village, district Madukara: 21 Women 39 Men
2. Blitar village, district Madukara: 10 Women 10 Men
3. Kaliurip village, district Madukara: 8 Women Men 12
4. Kelurahan Kenteng. KEC Madukara: 3 Women, 17 Men
Indirect : The farmers in the district in the district banjarnegara khsusnya Madukara , Pagedongan , Punggelan , Raft , Susukan , Purwonegora Sigaluh , and Pagentan .
There is a direct recipient of the benefit of cassava farmers or cassava which receive technology / information and the potential changes to plant cassava producer lier mokaf based on statistical data " Banjarnegara in numbers in 2011 " the following data obtained
1 . Madukara Ubu land area 106 ha of timber , the amount of 98 women farmers , Lai - man 213 People
2 . Pagedongan land area 295 ha of cassava , farmers Farmers Total Male Female 78 334 People
3 . Punggelan cassava land area 1,161 ha , the number of women farmers 356 People , 2898 People Male
4 . Cassava raft land area 608.534 ha , Farmer Number of women 134 People 987 People
5 . Susukan land area 351 , 157 ha Total Women farmers Person , Male 433 People
6 . Purwonegoro : 3,826 ha , 877 Women farmers Number One , Male 476 People
7 . Sigaluh : 4 ha . Women farmers Number 2 man , Male 12 People
8 . Pagentan : 1819 ha Number of People Women farmers in 1120 , 3882 Male
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Project Snapshot

Kelompok Perempuan Serayu Dua
Area Of Work:
Climate Change Mitigation
Grant Amount:
US$ 18,000.00
Co-Financing Cash:
Co-Financing in-Kind:
US$ 18,833.00
Project Number:
Satisfactorily Completed

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Mr System Administrator


Desa Sered, RT 003 RW02 Kec Madukara
Banjarnegara , Central Java , 53482

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