TN. Karimunjawa Conservation Program: Forest –Based Community Enterprise to Climate Mitigation and Adaptation
TN. Karimunjawa Conservation Program: Forest –Based Community Enterprise to Climate Mitigation and Adaptation
To plan an activity-based forest conservation and promoting community participation of community-based forest enterprises
Objective 1 : Application of small and medium approaches Forest - Community Based Enterprise through agro-forestry systems
Indicators : 1. The implementation of agrofo-restry systems with multipurpose and fast growing species, Minimum 2 degraded and abandoned land for the implementation of this system
2. Available for Dewandaru trees nurseries, Stigi, and Kalimasada, 1 location for breeding in cooperation with the Center TNKJ
Activities : 1. Application of multipurpose agro-forestry systems with fast growing species and the number of 700 seedlings.
2. The existence of the nursery tree seedlings for Dewandaru, Stigi, Kalimasada. This project was conducted in January 2014, where to seed nursery IGAF cooperation with TNKJ Hall.
Objective 2 : Build School for foresters and environmental education for children and youth.
Indicators : School affiliation forester with the existing school and community libraries. At least 2 schools being targeted by involving more than 100 elementary school students / junior / senior high.
Activities : Formation forester 2 schools and 2 school library environment.
Establishment of schools and libraries foresters affiliated with schools that already exist and are willing to cooperative (elementary school, middle school, high school). This program will be executed sometime in January 2014. IGaF play a role as an educator and provider of print books related to the environment and forestry. In addition, IGaF also will teach children related education and environmental conservation as well as involving them in environmental activities.
1. IGaF continue to monitor and actively involve the community in the development of this program (co-management) especially invites young people (children and youth) to conserve the environment through schools and libraries foresters.
2. For business plans, IGaF will continue to develop and expand agroforestry systems in which the execution was carried out with the active participation of society remain. Division of responsibilities within the organization / group
3. In IGaF itself has been split jobdesk IGaF where some members will be responsible for the coordination of program sustainability both in terms of economic, social, and ecological.
Direct : Local communities in Karimunjawa with a variety of age groups with the scope of RT and RW. At a minimum this project can be implemented in 1 RT or RW. In addition, the program provides benefits to the government, especially Jepara Forest Service and the Department of Tourism as well as some of the schools involved in the formation of a forester school. In this project there is no gender disparity, for example, in the scope of RT and RW, IGaF will involve a minimum of approximately 7 women and 7 men; meanwhile, for the involvement of male and female students in schools with a ratio of 3:2 which depends schools involved.
Indirect : NGOs or youth organizations to promote their activities and realize its mission, in this case is IGaF - Indonesian Forum Greenaction. In addition, provide benefits to the visitors (domestic tourists and local) to enjoy the beauty of the island of Karimun. For involvement members IGaF male is about 5 people and women are 3 people.
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Project Snapshot

Indonesian Greenaction Forum: A Green Pathway for Sustainable Environment
Area Of Work:
Climate Change Mitigation
Grant Amount:
US$ 2,000.00
Co-Financing Cash:
Co-Financing in-Kind:
US$ 600.00
Project Number:
Satisfactorily Completed

Grantee Contact

Mr Achmad Solikhin
Phone: 6285760144811


Jl H. Karmani RT.03/01, Jambu Barat, Mlonggo, Jepara, Jawa Tengah
Jepara , Mlonggo , 59452


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