Sustainable Rural livelihoods through best Agricultural practices.
Sustainable Rural livelihoods through best Agricultural practices.
In the wake of the impact of land degradation by human activities such as deforestation, bush burning, use of inorganic fertilizer, the soil fertility has been depleted as such Kwaku and Gashe communities in Abuja have lost their means of livelihood and host of natural resources thereby further impoverishing community dwellers dependent on the natural resources for survival. These community dwellers whose major occupation is farming; numbering about 2800 people in Kwaku and 1200 people in Gashe livelihood has been threatened in no small measure thus bringing about exhaustive use and depletion of the environment within the communities. Agricultural activities records low outputs as soil and land has been massively degraded due to over cultivation, excessive application of inorganic chemicals, over grazing etc. The concomitant effects of agro- chemicals to farm lands within the state are enormous having far reaching consequences on the lives of these communities’ dwellers. Numerous unsustainable agricultural practices in the communities are further compounding the livelihood of community dwellers. It is against this background and given the successes achieved by FCT Federated Fadama Community Association previous activities on sustainable land management for youth farmers in rural communities of chibri in kuje and goi in Gwagwalada both of FCT Abuja as supported by FCT Fadama III project that we seek to upscale the activities to other communities. Expected output for this project are:-60 rural youth farmers engaged in innovative and sustainable agricultural practices, 150 rural youth in two communities engaged on making of compost/ organic fertilizer for domestic and commercial purpose, 65 rural youth farmers engaged on alternative rural livelihoods and 700 economic tree seedlings distributed to youth rural farmers in the two communities. And monitoring the tree planting.
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Project Snapshot

FCT Federated fadama community association
Area Of Work:
Land Degradation
Grant Amount:
US$ 50,000.00
Co-Financing Cash:
Co-Financing in-Kind:
US$ 29,330.00
Project Number:
Project activities completed, final reports pending

Grantee Contact

Phone: 08054046393


Abuja , North- Central , 900001

SGP Country office contact

Mrs Ibironke Olubamise
Ms Rose Agbo


C/O UN House, 617/618 Diplomatic Zone, Central Business District, FCT
Abuja, West Africa, 90001