Mainstreaming biodiversity conservation into marine ecosystem & fisheries management in Kenya
Mainstreaming biodiversity conservation into marine ecosystem & fisheries management in Kenya
Poor fisheries governance, high dependence on marine resources in coastal communities and climate change are the biggest problems threatening marine biodiversity in Eastern Africa. Critical issues include damaging fishing practices and weak fisheries governance; targeting of fish spawning aggregations by fishers and dive tourism which is threatening their existence; an uncoordinated and piecemeal approach to knowledge management for biodiversity and ecosystem-based fisheries management at the local level; poor legislation for community conservation efforts; and unsustainable financing of marine conservation. Conversely, there are marine conservation opportunities in the proliferation of community-based conservation areas (CCAs), also referred as locally managed marine areas (LMMAs), which have the potential to double the amount of marine area under protection and therefore have high potential for marine biodiversity conservation. This project is designed to address these critical issues and conservation opportunities by building on recent research and successful initiatives in Kenya and elsewhere such as Mozambique, Madagascar and Fiji, to mainstream marine biodiversity conservation into ecosystem and fisheries management. The project aims at mainstreaming biodiversity conservation of marine ecosystems.
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Project Characteristics and Results
Notable Community Participation
CORDIO has been working with fisher communities in Diani (since 1998) and Msambweni (since 2009) on fisheries research, strengthening fisheries governance through BMU trainings as well as community awareness sessions targeting BMUs, women and youth self help groups to promote responsible fishing activities. Through these past projects, the stakeholders and communities have been able to propose different management interventions for their fisheries resources. Some of the fisherfolks’s recommendations are captured in this proposal; hence they have been actively involved in designing and planning the proposed activities. Some these activities are on-going but on a local scale, and therefore this proposal seeks to only up-scale the activities
Promoting Public Awareness of Global Environment
Efforts will be made to capture, share and disseminate the knowledge, lessons learned and good practices gained through the implementation of this project. This will be done by properly documenting all the consultation and feedback meetings, producing at least two publications (on CCA guideline and PES approach in South coast Kenya) and distribute them widely through the communities and other networks, education and awareness posters synthesizing project outputs will also be produced.
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