Communities livelihood Improvement in North Diksam plateau, Socotra, Yemen
Communities livelihood Improvement in North Diksam plateau, Socotra, Yemen
Disarm plateau covering wide area of the highland of Socotra. The plateau is a lime stone rock base covered with dwarf shrubs in open areas where as much taller tree cover in canyons and interwadi areas with its extension from west to east of the Island. The North Diksam region subjected by this project is the area located from the mountain base overlooking the Sea, facing hillslopes and western part of the upper plateau. The western part arte located west of the road junction that goes towards western part of the Island (N 12 28.750 E 53 55.666 , alt.2848 ft. ).
Comunities main livelihood in northern Diksam depends mainly on herding livestock, hence water is the major issue affecting them. This project aimed at assisting communities in northern part scattered villages to buil;d 40 rain water harvest tanks with totral capacity of 2500 cubic meters for use in dry season by human and their livestock. The project will benefit 172 families with 970 inhabitants. The benefiting communities will plant endemic and multipurpose trees species 540 in their effort to increase tree species population in their areas.
Project will seek to increase environmental awareness among communities through workshops and outreach materials. It’s assumed that 160 men and 160 women will be directly reached and gain knowledge of the importance of their environment.
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Project Snapshot

North Diksam Community Group
Area Of Work:
Land Degradation
Grant Amount:
US$ 30,811.00
Co-Financing Cash:
US$ 22,401.00
Co-Financing in-Kind:
US$ 47,101.00
Project Number:
Satisfactorily Completed
Project Characteristics and Results
Notable Community Participation
Community participation in project activities and financing is outstanding. Like wise similar project previously executed community funding In-kind and cash reached up to 70-80% of project cost. The co-financing of the project is solely provided by benefitieries as In-kind= 47% and Cash= 22.3% ( all= 69.3%)
Planning gef grant
It's possible to upscale this projects to cover wider areas instead of replication.
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Hectares of land sustainably managed by project 12000

Grantee Contact

Mr System Administrator


Hadibu District , Socotra Governorate ,

SGP Country office contact

Mr. Omar Ali Saeed Al Saghier
+ 967 448605 Extn. 440
+ 967 448841
Mr. Bashar Sallam
00967 (1) 448605/6 Extn. 441


C/o UNDP, 60 meter Road, P. O. Box 551
Sana'a, Sana'a