Rural Women Solar Electrification for Ra and Ba Communities.
Rural Women Solar Electrification for Ra and Ba Communities.
Energy is considered a vital component to achieving sustainable development in any country especially for Pacific Island nations such as Fiji. Due to geological reasons it is unfortunate that Fiji is a non oil producing nation making it heavily dependent on importing much of its petroleum to meet much of its national energy demands and again susceptible to escalating global fuel prices. As such sustainable development may not ideally be achieved as the disparity between urban and rural areas in regard to energy access widens and the need to obtain fuel by rural communities becoming a conduit to facilitate the unsustainable exploitation of natural resources and biodiversity loss. In addition it should be noted that countries such as Fiji need to be aggressive in regard to the pursuance of renewable energy sources not only for the long term benefit of our national economy and poverty eradication but also to highlight steps taken by communities in Pacific to reduce their carbon emissions. Fiji contributes less than 0.1% of total global green house gas emissions by reducing our already minimal emissions further by implementing community renewable energy projects such examples can be an effective lobbying tool to induce high carbon source nations to take proactive steps to mitigate their own emissions.

To support their commitment to move towards renewable energy, the Government of Fiji has partnered with the Barefoot College and UNWOMEN to train semi-literate women in solar engineering to enable them to install, maintain and repair solar panels in their respective villages. As part of this initiative, 12 villages were identified around Fiji including the villages of Dama, Nakoilava, Ra and Waikubukubu,Savatu,Ba in the Western Division to be piloted for solar installations by these trained solar engineers..
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Project Snapshot

Young Women's Christain Association Fiji
Area Of Work:
Climate Change Mitigation
Grant Amount:
US$ 27,070.00
Co-Financing Cash:
US$ 215,351.82
Co-Financing in-Kind:
US$ 11,500.00
Project Number:
Project Terminated Before Completion
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Mrs. Tara Qicatabua
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Ms. Akisi Bolabola
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