Building a Community-Based Marine Protected Area for Sustainable Marine Resources
Building a Community-Based Marine Protected Area for Sustainable Marine Resources
In December 2014, the coastal and marine community of Biduk – Biduk District has agreed to be a community-based marine protected areas that have legal provisions to ensure the sustainability of marine natural resource.
Objective 1 : There is a mutual agreement between the Community of Biduk-Biduk District and the Government on Marine Protected Areas
Indicators : 1. A joint agreement of each village and district on marine protected areas
2. Village regulation on marine protected areas in Biduk-Biduk village
3. The presence of conservation cadre in five villages in Biduk-Biduk District
4. Map of Biduk-Biduk District’s marine protected area, mutually agreed by the community and district
5. The formation of conservation area management in district level
Activities : 1. Program dissemination on marine protected area
This activity will be carried out in the beginning of the event at Biduk-Biduk District Office. The event will be in form presenting marine potential, threats and concepts of sustainable management
2. Facilitation of village agreement on protected area
The activity will be held in the mid-year of 2013 and will invite the customary leaders in Biduk-Biduk area.
3. Procurement of conservation media
This activity will be carried out to establish conservation message, that will contain knowledge and invitation to participate and manage marine area in sustainable manner
4. Training of drafting village regulation
KMPL will facilitate the drafting of village regulations by involving all related stakeholders including government.
5. Presenting marine conservation activities to the government
KMPL will present conservation activities to the government in district & regency level to get a long-term support
6. The formation of management unit
Activities will be carried out in the mid of 2013. KMPL will actively facilitate the formation of conservation area management units that have approvals from the government in village, district and regency level
Objective 2 : An increase in communities capacity to use and manage marine and coastal resources in the area of Biduk-Biduk District
Indicators : 1. Three community groups have the ability to carry out coral reefs observations
2. The formation of monitoring groups in 5 villages in Biduk-Biduk District
3. A written agreement that fish collectors do not accept and trade fish caught by bombs and potassium, as well as a written villages agreement to not consume fish caught by bombs and potassium
4. A school subject on local content in 3 schools about the sustainability of marine resources
5. Learning media in form of local content’s textbook for elementary schools on the management of coastal and marine areas for sustainable fisheries.
Activities 1. Community Capacity Building in Biduk-Biduk District
a. Training on fish populations and coral reefs observation
These activities will be facilitated by experts in fish, coral reefs observation and will be hands on experiences
b. Community Monitoring Training in marine protected areas
This training will involve public monitoring group that will be equipped with knowledge on integrated marine monitoring
c. Training on Management Plan of Conservation Area
This activity will develop planning of area management and development of economic alternatives to reduce pressure on marine resources
d. Procurement of underwater digital camera and Snorkling Equipment (mask, snorkle and fins)
Procurement of equipment such as underwater digital cameras and snorkling equipment is very helpful to do coral reefs and fish populations observations in the region, will help facilitate in conveying information about the conditions underwater to the related parties, in particular to the communities, stakeholders and even to the government. Besides, will be used to help improve the management of tourism potential in term of selling their documentation to the tourists who visit this area, (Labuhan Cermin, Karang Sigending and Kaniungan island)
2. Disseminate information and knowledge on biodiversity of marine ecosystem to schools in Biduk-Biduk District
a. KMPL will visit schools and explain about the existing biodiversity in Biduk-Biduk District marine area. After that, KMPL will develop material, design the book with description images corresponding to their lessons. The availability of local content module which contains information and knowledge on Marine Biodiversity and children and facilitators can be reproduced by teachers in schools
Objective 3 : Increasing the ability of the Biduk-Biduk District community to diversify their resource-based business
Indicators : 1. The formation of business group in producing coconut oil
2. The formation of credit group for alternative livelihoods development and development of tourist activities in Biduk-Biduk area
Activities 1. Business Training on Producing Coconut Oil
There are a lot of palm trees that produce a lot of coconuts. They are currently sold without any processing. It is expected that with coconut being processed to coconut oil, there will be added value for the women in Biduk-Biduk area. The expert as resource person is expected coming from Industrial Agency, Berau Regency.
2. Training and development of revolving credit groups
Part of the GEF financing will be used as capital to develop the revolving credit, where it is expected to be able to finance conservation activities in the form of the development of community business as an alternative livelihood activities and to develop other activities to improve the welfare of society
Objective 4 : At the end of 2014, the evaluation results of the program implementation will show an increase of community and local government support to conservation areas in Biduk-Biduk District


1. The documentation of community and government support to conservation areas in Biduk-Biduk District
2. The documents of community agreement and government’s decrees on marine protected areas
3. The dissemination of information on the activities to the local printed media
4. The formation of the Protected Area Management Unit network
5. The dissemination of conservation messages through clothes, newspapers, Poster, Video and Local TV
Activities 1. Monitoring and performance evaluation of marine conservation program
2. Conducting interviews with community leaders, government and all parties who are target to the implementation of programs, documenting activities and preparing Biduk-Biduk’s activities report
3. Producing media with message on marine conservation through posters, calendars, documentary, stickers and pocket books
4. Producing media about all the activities with the communities that have been implemented so that they can be duplicated by other groups and able to attract support from others who are also concerned
5. Disseminating conservation activities in Biduk-Biduk District to other districts in the same coastal regency
6. Visiting other villages that have not done marine area management so hopefully they will manage them in a sustainable manner
• The establishment of marine protected areas in Biduk-Biduk district that is supervised along with the community so that the fish catches and the biodiversity is preserved
• The recognition of the Government of the Marine Conservation Area in Biduk-Biduk district in form of decree from Berau Regent
• The system of community-based Conservation Area Management
• A community alternative business that is environmentally friendly, thus increasing public awareness to preserve their marine area
• Arrangement of catching zone
• Partnership with the Village Administration and Technical Institutions (Department of Fisheries, Tourism, Development Agency, Forestry etc.)
Participants and/or Project Beneficiaries
Direct : KMPL Biduk - Biduk District as many as 7 people, 6 Fishermen Group and 6 women groups
Indirect : Approximately 70% households of fishing communities in Biduk - Biduk District and the government of Berau Regency, especially Fisheries, Tourism, Forestry Institutions, Environment Regional Agency, Industry and Cooperatives Agency, Government of Village & District)
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