Climate Change Mitigation through Clean & Green Village Development
Climate Change Mitigation through Clean & Green Village Development
Sumerta Kauh Village, Denpasar Bali Clean, Beautifull & Comfortable with a clean & healthy living civilize
Objective 1
To build community participation to ensure that the environment will always be clean, green, & healthy
1. Community understand & actively involve with the activities from the planning phase to the closing of the program
2. Community establish the ‘clean & green’ group on each banjar (administrative area smaller than village), where it also has organizational structure
3. Community groups on each banjar are actively involved in community service for environment causes in order to build their way of thinking in protecting environment & strengthening awig-awig (local regulations) of the customary village
1. Sharing the Activities & Choosing the Clean & Green Agents
2. Community Service for Environment Causes
Objective 2
To increase knowledge & skills of community in waste management
1.Community have the knowledge & skills so that they can sort the waste in the household level
2.Community have the knowledge & able to process the organic waste into compost
3.Community have the knowledge & able to process the organic waste into alternative energy by building biogas
4.Community have the knowledge & able to process the inorganic waste, especially plastic, into oil fuel
5.Community have the knowledge & able to process the organic waste (remnants of ceremonies) into briquette
6.Community have the knowledge & able to process the inorganic waste, especially plastic, into handicrafts
7.Community establish the joint venture group: recycle crafts, oil fuel, briquette, & composts
Activities :
1. Training for Waste Sorting & Composting
2. Training for Biogas & Oil Fuel Making
3. Training for Creating Briquette from Waste
4. Training for Crafts from Plastic
5. Establishing the Joint Venture Group (Kelompok Usaha Bersama/KUB) of the Waste Processing Products
Objective 3
To create marketing avenue for community creative economy through waste management
1. Community in each banjar have the garbage bank
2. The Clean & Green outlet are available in the Denpasar Secretariat as the marketing space for waste processing products
1. Garbage Bank
The garbage bank was seen as one of the solution in waste management. It works similar as the regular bank, unless in this case the customer will give waste to be deposited & when they withdraw the ‘waste’, then it will be money.
2. Outlet

Objective 4
To educate the young generation to care for the environment
1. Available for a minimum of 100 modules PLH elementary school in Denpasar
2. Implementation of 2 times PLH campaign with schools
1. Environmental Education Module
2. Environmental Education Campaign to School
Objective 5
To mainstream the 3R movements through campaigns
1. Environmental exhibition & expo
2. Community are aware on the information regarding waste management in household level
Activities :
1. Environmental Exhibition & Expo
2. Printing leaflet regarding practical tips on household waste management
3. Identifying best practices on zero waste river management & conservation.
Objective 6
Monitoring & Evaluation
1. Existing monitoring & notes of meeting regarding the activities. This will be reported once every three months by the internal team
2. Existing evaluation & notes of meeting for twice during the implementation of the project. This will be done by internal & external team
3. Existing documentation of the entire activities through narrative report, photos, & audio-visuals.
Activities : Monitoring, Evaluation, Documentation

1. The behaviour of sorting organic & inorganic waste at the earliest source of garbage
2. Every members of community have their own organic & inorganic bins in their house
3. Every banjar have their own garbage bank
4. Existing results of the activities: compost, crafts, briquette, fuel, plants for ceremonies, & home garden.
5. Reducing number of waste to the landfill
6. Houses, banjar, river, beaches, mangrove forests, & other public spaces are free of waste
7. Community have economical benefit from the waste management business
8. The environment become clear, beautiful, & sustainable
9. The environmental module for elementary school can be used properly
10. Existing book for Best Practices on Zero Waste River Management

Project Snapshot

Denpasar Clean & Green
Area Of Work:
Climate Change Mitigation
Grant Amount:
US$ 38,000.00
Co-Financing Cash:
Co-Financing in-Kind:
US$ 38,628.00
Project Number:
Satisfactorily Completed
Project Characteristics and Results
Project sustainability
1. Bank Trash Currently there Garbage Bank has been running well, DCG Berlians no longer provide support material (scales, passbook, banners) but just monitoring it. Cooperation in the respective bank with a garbage collector also has good road. Bank Garbage Garbage Bank DCG Berlians and Pagan Asri has joined as a member cooperative bank Waste Denpasar (a container to accommodate those sales of goods from the banks of garbage in the city of Denpasar). 2. Craft Products Recycling Results recycling products that have been produced have added value economically, socially and environmentally to Berlians DCG members and society in Banjar Kaja Pagan particular. In addition to the DCG secretariat Berlians has opened a creative workshop in Pagan Kaja. This creative workshop other than as a training vessel also sell craft products from public recycling bins in Denpasar. 3. Human Resources / Kader DCG Berlians The results of the activities are not only a form of goods and activities but also human resource development. The cadres to date have been deemed qualified to be recognized by the public, government and private sectors as sources everywhere and with this activity, the HR in DCG Berlians get a lot of experience and also financially. Also Keep doing the new additions to keep learning process household garbage. 4. Management of Compost Composting is still ongoing. One row in Pagan Kaja who received compost tool be maintained and utilized. The result was at the family level is not excessive harvesting. But at least it is no longer throw trash out of the house (reducing the burden of movers and load TPA) then no longer buy fertilizer outside. 5. Green House Green house founded in Banjar Kaja Pagan as a pilot using compost from household organic waste and narrow land use has gained additional support from the University Mahasaraswati seed (KKN students) and Bank Indonesia. Because the green house concept is considered attractive by the village (PKK program) will be used as a pilot activities of the PKK. Therefore, the village was willing to continue and will support financially through the village environment fund if necessary to add facilities (the meeting of 30th June 2015, the statement Mr. Sumerta Kauh Village Head).
Policy Influence
1. The Rural Waste Management Policy During the program DCG Berlians Village Sumerta Kauh indirectly encourage government policy Sumerta Kauh village budgeted costs of environmental management, especially in the handling of waste. Since 2013 every train was given a cart and officers are subsidized directly from the village and residents additional fees for equipment maintenance. Then decide not accept kegs of DKP (and Sanitation Department) placed alongside a road in the Village area Sumerta Kauh. Because the officer will take it directly to people's homes. Village Head support the Women's Group to carry out training in the waste management 6 Banjar (Ratna Buana, Eka Dharma, Feed Kaja, Central Pagan, Pagan Kelod, Kelandis). Though the program was originally designed only two Berlians DCG focused banjo (Ratna Buana and Pagan Kaja). 2. Budgeting policy by the Department of Public Works DCG program Berlians in the village Sumerta Kauh encouraging policy change in the official 2014 budget PU Denpasar on the orders of the deputy mayor of Denpasar to make improvements backrest Kliekan river tributary that crosses amid Wongan Sumerta Kauh village. The river is part of the program indicators DCG Berlians in the management of household waste. It will be seen changes in people's behavior towards the management of household waste when the garbage is no longer float into the river. 3. Program Policy For Women's Group in Denpasar DCG program Berlians affect PKK program Denpasar in 2014 and 2015. PKK cooperation with DCG Berlians in running the program: Recycling bins Competition, Competition Fashion Show Recycling, Bimtek PKK in Household Waste Management sub-district level. PKK each village are encouraged to budget for trainings household waste management and collaboration with DCG Berlians.
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