Controlling the release of Chemicals/POPs into Seychelles environment: A Collaboration between Lions Club Paradise of Seychelles, Public Utilities Corporation and the Custom Authority
Controlling the release of Chemicals/POPs into Seychelles environment: A Collaboration between Lions Club Paradise of Seychelles, Public Utilities Corporation and the Custom Authority
The aim of this project is to address some of the recommendations made in the National Implementation Plan (NIP) of the Stockholm convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs), prepared by the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, 2007.

The NIP makes reference to a case study that was undertaken in 2001, to assess the situation of POPs in Seychelles. The case study includes a capacity assessment carried out in various national agencies (PUC, Custom Department, Ministry of Health, SBS, Ministry of Agriculture etc..) handling or dealing with chemical/POPs. The capacity assessment revealed that there are limited capacities in these various agencies to cater for the monitoring and management of Chemical/POPs and one of the recommendations was that capacity gaps should be addressed.

The Lions Clubs of Seychelles have established links with two agencies that handle and deal with chemicals/POPs; the Public Utilities Corporation (PUC) and Customs Division. The project to be implemented under the GEF-SGP fund will address some of the recommendations not yet implemented from the NIP - capacity gaps.

Seychelles signed and have ratified the Stockholm Convention in 2007. The Convention stated that Parties to the Stockholm Convention have to make determined efforts to identify and label PCB containing equipment and remove them from use by 2025. As most of the equipment concerned with PCB is found in PUC, it is paramount that PUC ensures that proper Management (handling, identification, labeling, disposal etc..) is undertaken.

Under the GEF_SGP Project PUC staff will be sensitised on waste management and trained for efficient delivery of the following Actions listed in the National Implementation Plan.
- To make an inventory of all existing transformers in the grids and in stores,
- To draw up a methodology for assessing PCB-containing transformers
- To test oil samples from suspected PCB-containing transformers
- To provide an interim estimation of national PCB stock

The Customs Authority has the overall roles in controlling imports and exports of POPs related chemical. To train customs and environment officers involved in port and airport control. To exchange information on the Custom legal documents and procedures with key partners, so as to educate, facilitate and increase support the work they do.

The Lions Clubs of Seychelles would provide overall coordination and guidance of actions of this project and will receive technical support of Ministry of Environment. This project fits in within the mandate of Lions Club Paradise of Seychelles; which is to participate in the promotion of the health, education and social welfare of community by mobilizing donor funds. By taking on this project, Lion’s Club will be accepting to be the mechanism by which funds from GEF_SGP funds can be made available to government agencies, PUC and Customs, to address recommendations from the National Implementation Plan.
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Project Snapshot

Lion’s Club of Paradise Seychelles
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Grant Amount:
US$ 50,000.00
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US$ 40,081.00
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Satisfactorily Completed

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Ms Lyndy Bastienne
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