Securing traditional livelihoods through sustainable management of the artisanal shark fishery
Securing traditional livelihoods through sustainable management of the artisanal shark fishery
Over the 70-80 years there has been a decline in shark populations on the Seychelles bank. The national shark fishery as a whole has therefore been characterises as “overexploited” and species based information on stock status is chronically lacking” and acutely limiting to informed decision-making and management measures according to different sources.. The shark catch of artisanal shark fishers is insignificant when compared to the semi-industrial and industrial long line fleets. Furthermore unlike those operations artisanal fisherman land the whole shark and put the carcass to full use. Experience has shown however that it is much easier to impose restrictions and legal measures on small artisanal fishers than it is on the semi-industrial fleet. ASFA therefore foresees that additional restrictions will be imposed upon their activities. This project hence seeks to empower them to secure their livelihoods by:
• Imbuing additional value to their skills and knowledge by mainstreaming their role in national research programmes.
• Using data gathered from their fishing activities to inform future sustainable management regimes.
• Adding value to their shark products through better preparation and direct sale to key markets.
The overarching Primary Objective of this project is to secure the livelihoods of artisanal shark fishers and further the effective conservation and management of shark stocks in Seychelles waters. This will be achieved by mainstreaming fishers’ traditional knowledge into research and management processes whilst diversifying and optimizing fishers’ incomes within the parameters of a sustainable fishery management regime.

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Artisanal Shark Fisher's Association
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