Enhancing livelihoods through sustainable utilisation of morula products
Enhancing livelihoods through sustainable utilisation of morula products
The overall objective of the proposed project is to enhance the protection, conservation and sustainable use of morula tree for poverty alleviation through to upgrading of the existing morula sweets production venture to meet the market demands to optimize benefits. The intention of the project will be achieved through enhancing the capacity of Dibapalwa Nageng Trust (DNT) members in collecting, processing, value adding and marketing of morula fruit products. The project will:-
1.Contribute to development and diversification strategies to enhance biodiversity and ecosystem resilience;
2.Create local, regional and international markets for promotion of morula products through sustainable strategies for collection, processing, value adding, packaging and marketing of the morula fruit products;
3.Enhance opportunities for incorporating morula tree in farming system through agro-forestry as a high value alternative crop;
4.Diversification of the resource base and value addition through beekeeping.

Specifically the project will:
1.Facilitate acquisition and flow of raw materials to satisfy local, regional and international market demand for morula products;
2.Develop strategies to ascertain marketing opportunities and optimization of the value of morula products ( value addition, packaging, advertising and sales) of products;
3.Incorporate grafted morula trees into the farming system through agro-forestry as a high value multi use alternative crop;
4.Diversify agricultural production through backyard beekeeping;
5.Enhance capacity for management and staff of the project for sustainable operation and management of DNT enterprises;

The project activities will entail:Upgrading and maintenance of production workshop
i. Maintenance of workshop;
The workshop or building that DNT is currently needs to be refurbished to accommodate the mini morula processing plant and the envisaged packaging and production line. The building will accommodate additional raw and production materials that the group will use. Additionally, the space will be used for moulding sweets into different standard shapes as a way of meeting the BoBS requirements of weight and measurement. The refurbishment will improve the hygiene and the presentation of production workshop in line with public health standards.

ii.Installation of freezer room and associated equipment
A freezer room will be installed for use in storing the pulp or colloid for use during the off season. The availability of a cold storage facility will enhance the food production standards to ensure the product meet the health requirements. Additionally, such will ensure that DNT maximize the harvesting of raw materials during peak season. Bulk storage of pulp will enable DNT to produce throughout the year and be able to meet the demands of the clients and the market.

Product development and prototyping of sweets moulds (value addition, packaging, advertising and sales)
As a part of further product development and value addition, different shaped sweet moulds will be designed and manufactured with assistance of the Industrial Design and Technology Department, Faculty of Engineering at the University of Botswana. The standard shapes of sweets will help to lure more customers while meeting the weight and measurements requirement of BoBS. A plastic sealing machine will be acquired to improve the quality of the product through vacuum sealing for air tightness and increase its shelf life.

DNT branded packaging materials of high value will be produced with part of it purchased to ensure that the morula sweets become competitive in the market. Proper signage boards and other marketing initiatives will be used to publicize the initiative with the intention of attracting both old and new customers.

As part of the marketing drive and instilling a business sense in the members, the Business Clinic at the University of Botswana will come on board as they have shown interest in assisting the group. Additionally, freelancing journalists and Media Studies students at the University of Botswana will be roped in to assist in sharing news worthy stories with both the print and digital media.

Incorporation of morula trees in farming system through enrichment planting
In the drive to increase the morula resource base for DNT, the members will plant grafted morula trees in their backyards and arable field. Since morula is a multi-purpose and high value tree, it will come handy in diversifying agricultural production and complement the ones available in the wild. Additionally, the members will plant tree species that are used by bees for forage as a way of increasing honey production.

Undertaking beekeeping
DNT will purchase the langstroth hives with requisite equipment and protective clothing from approved suppliers for use in the initiative. The DNT members will keep the hives in the backyard.

Training on business management, entrepreneurship and quality control
As a way to increase diligence in sweets production and adherence to desirable quality, a refresher course will conducted for the members and producers. The training will further enhance adherence to business ethics of meeting orders from clients, instill appreciation of feedback and a business sense in the producers so that the venture is treated as a business than an activity for leisure. In addition, the issues of food preparation and quality control will tackled as the production process of sweets form the core of the business. Meet acceptable food production standards is mandatory as it hinges on the health of clients and the safety of the product on offer. The ultimate goal is to enable DNT to meet the demands of the regular customers, revive working relationships and maintain a constant supply chain.
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Project Snapshot

Dibapalwa Nageng Trust
Area Of Work:
Grant Amount:
US$ 20,763.00
Co-Financing Cash:
US$ 233,334.00
Co-Financing in-Kind:
US$ 35,000.00
Project Number:
Project activities completed, final reports pending
Project Characteristics and Results
Notable Community Participation
As Dibapalwa Nageng Trust comprises only of 5 members and the said members form the production team, it will be easy to maintain contact and communication. The group dynamics in a small entity are easy to contain hence there is no envisaged challenge. The group has struggled; toiled and worked together hence has a high sense of social cohesion making participation by all easy and manageable.
Gender Focus
DNT has evolved to have a 100% women membership. During inception and to date the group concentrated largely on morula sweets production, beekeeping and guinea fowl rearing. The activities undertaken to date are mainly done by women. The collection and gathering of wild fruits is traditionally construed as a female domain hence men do not attach any value to such hence do not participate.

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Ms. Abigail Engleton
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