Mitigation of Climate Change in Ekuri and Outreach Communities
Mitigation of Climate Change in Ekuri and Outreach Communities
The project seeks to reverse trends to achieve environmental sustainability, poverty reduction contribute to sustainable use of agricultural lands and the forests to reverse the ongoing practices that considerably contribute to climate change. The unhealthy deforestation for subsistence agriculture and unsustainable harvesting of non- timber forest products has accelerated loss of biodiversity and ecosystem services and aggravation of climate change and global warming and it negative effects on target communities and beyond. The project will raise awareness on target beneficiaries on the causes, effects of climate change and its remediation; development of energy efficient woodstove; training in agro-forestry and empowerment; watershed management; ecosystem conservation; capacity building on sustainable agriculture and animal farming to reduce pressure on overhunting of wildlife to recover wild animal population to strengthen a balance ecosystem. The goal of the project is to ensure sustainable use of shared agricultural and natural resources, develop capacities of target communities and mitigate climate change
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Project Snapshot

Ekuri Initiative
Area Of Work:
Climate Change Mitigation
Grant Amount:
US$ 29,000.00
Co-Financing Cash:
Co-Financing in-Kind:
US$ 20,000.00
Project Number:
Project activities completed, final reports pending

Grantee Contact

Mr Edwin Ogar


Old Ekuri and New Ekuri Community, Akamkpa LGA, Cross River State
Cross River , South South ,

SGP Country office contact

Mrs Ibironke Olubamise
Ms Rose Agbo


C/O UN House, 617/618 Diplomatic Zone, Central Business District, FCT
Abuja, West Africa, 90001