Technical Assistance on Enterprise Development for COMPACT Beneficiaries within the PPSRNP Areas
Technical Assistance on Enterprise Development for COMPACT Beneficiaries within the PPSRNP Areas
Even with the existence of environmental protection laws and their strict enforcement, families who are desperately needing food on the table could not be prevented from engaging in destructive activities like illegal logging or fishing, slash-and-burn farming, unregulated gathering and trading of forest products like almaciga and rattan or trading of wild animals. As such, the major concern of protected areas like the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park is sustaining the interest and participation of the communities in the conservation efforts being undertaken. It is well and good that the Underground River is a tourist attraction that is generating income for the City Government and for many households within the immediate environs of the river. But, the protected area is quite vast at 22,202 hectares it includes Barangays or communities not directly involved in the economic activities benefiting from tourism.

Majority of the people in the four barangays of the protected areas are subsistence farmers and fishermen families who also have the right to access the resources in their natural environment. These uses the resources around them in order to survive. Thus, it is of paramount importance for any conservation project or effort to ensure that equal opportunities are given to all sectors involved so that a truly collective effort in sustaining the environment would be generated.

The most promising response to this concern of sustaining livelihood in a protected environment is to engage the communities in enterprise activities wherein significant income can be generated and at the same time, preservation of the natural environment can be enhanced. At this point in the continuing conservation efforts at the PPSRNP, the important thing to do is to identify other viable enterprises the communities can engage in enterprises that would enable the people to satisfy or support their needs in a sustainable manner and would enable them to contribute significantly to the preservation and protection of their environment.

General Objective:
The main objective of this project is to identify the potentials and constraints of the four communities (Tagabinet, Cabayugan, Marufinas and New Panggangan) towards enterprise development. The project would come up with recommendations on viable enterprise endeavours both for individual households and existing Pos in the communities.

Specific Objectives and expected outputs:
1. To identify the existing and potential products from each of the four communities
>List of products that are currently being produced and traded and their respective prices and volume and frequency of delivery
>Range of income generated by a household from its existing livelihood activities
2. To identify constraints in doing various enterprises within the four communities
List of constraints on the present state of enterprises in the four communities
- Financial management system (bookkeeping, accounting system)
- Organizational/managerial skills/decision making
- Production and Operation (sources, distance and seasonality considerations)
- Organizational structure
3. To formulate at least one business plan for each of the four communities based on the results of the study and Simple Cost and Return Analysis for at least five (5) individual or household projects
- At least four Business Plans developed
- At least five Cost and Return Analysis for individual projects per community
4. To conduct Business Planning Training in the four communities
-At least five (5) participants from each of the four communities shall have formulated at least one (1) business plan each for an enterprise they would be selecting

Project Activities:
1. Secondary Data Gathering - gathering of secondary data regarding the protected area’s demography, total land area, forest area, agricultural area, and the people’s livelihood activities (major and minor), and ethnicity. This part would also include consultations with other agencies (both government and non-government) working in the four communities to determine interventions already undertaken, currently being conducted and/or planned to be implemented.
2. Primary Data Gathering thru Community Consultation
- participatory workshop consultation
-specific interviews
3. Market Study/Linkaging - includes primarily, market identification or establishing market links (in Sabang, Cabayugan and Puerto Princesa City, Metro Manila and International market.
4. Presentation and Discussion with communities
5. Business Planning Sessions
Based on the selected enterprises, PCART would conduct two business planning sessions. Each session will have a maximum of 10 participants from two communities (5 pax per community) and each business planning session would take about 4 days. It is expected that after the training each community will have at least one business plan and five Simple Cost and Return Analysis for individual projects that the households can undertake.

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Project Snapshot

Palawan Center for Appropriate Rural Technology, Inc.
Area Of Work:
Grant Amount:
US$ 5,000.00
Co-Financing Cash:
US$ 778.50
Co-Financing in-Kind:
US$ 371.00
Project Number:
Satisfactorily Completed
Project Characteristics and Results
Notable Community Participation
During the initial community consultations, community members as well as the Barangay officials attended the meeting specially in Marufinas and New Panggangan since they are looking really for additional source of income. The same with the business planning training. The participants really tried their best to finish their business plans
Emphasis on Sustainable Livelihoods
The enterprise selected by the POs in their business planning are all sustainable all the raw materials and resources within their own communities, If funded, we think they can really manage their affairs on their own while preserving and protecting the remaining natural resources around the Underground River
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