Maun Solid Waste Drop-off Facility: A Green Low Emission and Climate Resilient Development (GLECRD) Pilot Project
Maun Solid Waste Drop-off Facility: A Green Low Emission and Climate Resilient Development (GLECRD) Pilot Project
The overall goal of the current planning grant request to UNDP-SGP is to build consensus amongst key internal (NW DLUPU) and external stakeholders (Ward VDCs and private sector) at Local Government level for the need to establish a pilot solid waste drop-off and sorting facility in Maun. To accomplish this Tlhare Segolo Foundation presently requests a total of US$2000.00 to undertake an international reconnaissance visit to extant solid waste drop-off and sorting facilities in Gauteng province, SA. A member of DLUPU shall comprise the reconnaissance team. Upon return from the mission, lessons learnt/best practice report shall be produced and a full project proposal developed to accompany a special request for land allocation to Tawana Land Board.

Once fully operational, the pilot facility shall reduce waste and increase re-use and recycling of waste from Maun and the north west district in general through a two pronged approach:
• Firstly, to [encourage waste separation at source amongst poor households] and [protect road side waste dumps from scavenging dogs, goats and donkeys] prior to collection by private waste collection companies contracted by the NWDC, TSF intends to build several road side temporary waste-holding cells or cages at key sites along the main road network in Maun. The cages shall be compartmentalised with divisions for each type of waste clearly specified in both English and the vernacular. Padlocked gates shall be inserted and keys given to private waste collectors servicing the route. Households living in the vicinity of the cells shall then be mobilised and sensitised on how to use the facilities;
• Secondly, TSF shall [design, build and operate a Solid Waste Drop off, Sorting and Compaction Facility] within Maun. This facility shall serve to receive specific categories of waste such as paper, plastic, glass and aluminum cans from government institutions, private ecotourism lodges in the Okavango delta, bars, affluent and working class residents of the village. The latter households shall then be supplied with three color coded waste separation bins to encourage and sustain separation at source. The facility shall then sort, compact and supply local waste reuse companies such as Sibanda’s Craft (a fair trade fine arts maker of women’s jewellery and accessories) with used plastic and other raw materials. The bulk remainder of the waste shall then be sold to downstream national and international reuse and recycling industries such as Duma Tau, Collect a Can etc. A partnership with haulage trucks from the south bringing goods and returning empty shall be sought and brokered to reduce the carbon footprint/transport emissions.
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Project Snapshot

Tlhare Segolo Foundation
Area Of Work:
Grant Amount:
US$ 2,000.00
Co-Financing Cash:
US$ 78,947.58
Co-Financing in-Kind:
US$ 10,000.00
Project Number:
Satisfactorily Completed
Project Characteristics and Results
Planning non gef grant
Are there any plans to scale up through non – GEF grants? Elaborate: Because the scale of the project is much greater than the GEF/SGP medium scale project, TSF is on the look out for more funding sources necessary for duly upscaling the project.
Planning gef grant
Are there any plans to scale up to a medium – sized GEF grant? Elaborate: TSF indeed has plans to scale up to a medium sized project as indicated above. We are in the process of finalizing the proposal for submission to GEF/SGP for this award. However, our being allocated land of commensurate size and location within Maun remains a key pre-requisite to successful execution. Our request for land allocation has been discussed at DLUPU level and shall be tabled before the October 2012 sitting of Tawana Land Board. We are optimistic about the decision of the Board.
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Grantee Contact

Mr Tiego Jordan Mpho
Phone: +267 73942785


P O Box 2175
Maun , SADC ,

SGP Country office contact

Ms. Abigail Engleton
+267 363-3767
Mr Baboloki Autlwetse


UN Building, Government Enclave Corner Khama Crescent & President Drive P O Box 54
Gaborone, SADC