Local-Based Sea Turtle Conservation and Management Project
Local-Based Sea Turtle Conservation and Management Project
The Project aims to help save the dwindling population of marine turtles in the locality with different organizations including local communities providing stakes for this biodiversity conservation project. The project will also enhance the threatened mangrove forest in Martafe and increase fish stock thru mangrove conservation. This project heavily focuses on social infrastructure building, resource management, education, and livelihood simultaneous to community development.

Biodiversity Characteristics/Value:
Marine turtles are among the world's most endangered species. Their population is fast diminishing due to animal predation and human exploitation. They are hunted in the sea or slaughtered in the beach while laying eggs. The meats are taken as food while their skin and shells are processed into various by-products. Under the category of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), marine turtles are classified as critically endangered.

Fishermen and coastal residents of Sitio Sabang in Barangay Cabayugan, Puerto Princesa City confirmed that sea-turtles are sighted in St. Paul and Sabang Bay, and that they are nesting in the surrounding shores of the bay but no record can show as to the species and numbers.

Proponent Qualification:
PRDFI has initiated several scientific research in areas of fishery development and equipped with functional Board of Directors and members with technical expertise in this field. Its members have scientific knowledge on marine reptiles and mammals conservation management. The foundation is actually armed with members who are highly inclined in marine science. The PRDFI conducted a scientific study in the Municipality of Balabac in which the result was used by the same for conservation and protection of marine turtles in Balabac Strait.

PRDFI has been a proponent of the SGP project for the province-wide conference on biodiversity and climate change. The conference served as an avenue in heightening consciousness of the general public on climate change issues, its effects and consequences as well as mitigation and adaptation mechanisms.

Sustainability Plan:
The following shall be installed upon completion of the project:
>A Pawikan Conservation Team shall be in Place after termination of the project to serve as monitoring team
>The creation of sea-turtle protection and management sections/units in the DENR-CENRO and PPSRNP will jointly perpetuate the susainable management of sea-turtles in the area.
>PO has decided that 50% of the proceeds will be allocated for future operations.

General Objective:
This project will address the alarming decline of sea turtle population locally and globally. The project aims to protect and conserve the sea-turtle population while providing livelihood opportunities to the local communities through eco-tourism.

Specific Objectives:
1. Enhance public awareness on the ecology and conservation-management activities thru intensive and extensive IEC.
1.a. Identify and gather data on turtle species present in the area and their nesting characteristics as basis for IEC/ consciousness-raising.
1.b. Establish baseline on the number of nests and its location, species of nesting females, and nesting productivity per nesting season.
2. Provide recommendations to policy bodies on the protection and conservation of sea-turtles and their nesting sites in the area.
3. Establish, operate and maintain marine turtle hatchery to protect the eggs thereby maximizing production and release of vigorous and healthy hatchlings into the open sea;
3.a Tagging and releasing of nesting sea-turtles and hatchlings
1.b Correctly imprint the hatchlings upon emergence
4. Package eco-tourism activities leading to income generation of members.
5. Provide supplemental livelihood for communities.

Target Outputs:
>Database of sea-turtle profile in PPSRNP
>Community consultation conducted, IEC facilitated awareness raising
>Hatchery cum demonstration site established
>Resource Center established
>Trainings on paralegal and environmental education conducted
>Establishment of eco-tourism packages and Fish Corral as source of livelihood for the community
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Project Snapshot

Area Of Work:
Grant Amount:
US$ 39,811.00
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Project Number:
Satisfactorily Completed

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