Community-based Biodiversity Conservation Project in Mts. BAnahaw-San Cristobal Protected Landscape
Community-based Biodiversity Conservation Project in Mts. BAnahaw-San Cristobal Protected Landscape
More than half a century of chemical-based agriculture and mono-cropping practices in the multiple-use zone of Mts. Banahaw - San Cristobal Protected Landscape (MBSCPL) by tenured migrants in Bgy. Bugon, Sariaya, Quezon lead to bidiversity degradation causing landslides, soil erosion, pollution of riverways and water reserves affecting the lives of the community and its environs. As such, the project aims to pilot a community based biodiversity conservation activities in the multiple use zone of MBSCPL with the end view of replicating it to other areas of the protected landscape.

Biodiversity Characteristics and Value:
Mt. Banahaw's tropical rainforest supports high-faunal diversity and endemicity that ranges from 66-76%. Most were liste in CITES and IUCNs red lists as endangered , threatened, and near-threatened species. Research conducted by Luntiang Alyansa para sa Bundok Banaha (LABB) in 1995 identified several new species of fauma not previously known to science. The plant species of the mountain is also remarkable in terms of abundance and diversity, most are used by local healers for medicine.

by virtue of Proclamation # 812 in 1966 diected the release of 2,077.06 hectares of National Park in Candelaria and Sariaya towns for homestead. As a result, agricultural activities started in Bgy. Bugon which caused destruction in the forest cover in the above-mentioned portion of the reserve. When plant species are destroyed, various animal species are threatened causing immeasurable imbalance and threat to biological diversity that consequently affects the food chain of all living organisms.

Genereal Objective:
To pilot a community-based biodiversity coservation project in the multiple-use zoneof MBSCPL with the end view of replicating it to other areas of the protected landscape.

Specific Objectives:
1. To restore and rehabilitate 20 hectares of the open-denuded (agricultural) portions of the multiple-use zones inside MBSCPL in Bgy. Bugon, Sariaya, Quezon
2. To capacitate tenured migrants with various trainings on rainforestation and organic agroforestry technologies, Biodiversity Monitoring System (BMS), leadership, small enterprise/livelihood establishment, bookkeeping, wildling collection and nursery establishment; and gender and development (GAD) and population management.
3. To establish small enterprise/s from (1) production of organic inputs i.e compost, organic foliar; (2) organic produce;; (3) nursery production that can generate added-value to farming activities vis-a-vis biodiversity promotion.
4. To use the project as an instrument for IEC and advocacy with regards to restoration and rehabilitation of degraded biodiversity areas utilizing rainforestation and agroforestry technologies and creating livelihood opportunities to ensure its sustainability.

Target Outputs:
>5 hectares replanted with endemic trees at 500 trees per hectare
>nursery of endemic trees established
>4 tree-planting activities
>3,375 fruit bearing trees planted in 15 hectares alloted for agroforestry
>15 hectares planted with cash crops
>65 community members trained in rainforestation and agroforestry technologies
>Trained SK and upland committee members trained in BMS
>65 members trained in leadershiip training.
>20 members trained in livelihood and small business enterprise
> trained members n nursery establishment and maintenance and GAD
>Trained finance committee members and SK members on bookkrrping
> Manufacture of compost and organic foliary spray
>on-sitemarketing of Organic produce
> published Vol 2 and Vol 3 of Banahaw comocs (10,000 pcs each volume) for IEC and advocacy
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Project Snapshot

Binhi ng Buhay ng mga Magsasaka sa Bugon
Area Of Work:
Grant Amount:
US$ 48,440.00
Co-Financing Cash:
Co-Financing in-Kind:
US$ 21,050.00
Project Number:
Satisfactorily Completed
Project Characteristics and Results
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Mr System Administrator


Barangay Bugon
Sariaya, Quezon , 4322

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Ms. Rochelle Balitaan Villanueva
+63 2 2944082
Atty Rodolfo Ferdinand Jr Quicho
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+63 2 2944082


Biodiversity Management Bureau Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center North Avenue, Diliman
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