Rehabilitation of the Arayat Watershed for the Protection of the Candaba Wetlands
Rehabilitation of the Arayat Watershed for the Protection of the Candaba Wetlands
Mt. Arayat tributaries drain into the Pampanga River, which bisects the whole Candaba Swamp area. As such, sediments from soil erosion on the mountatin finds its way into the Candaba Swamp contributing to it eutrophication. The average depth of the swamp is only 1-2m deep, thus making it very vulnerable to sedimentation. The degradation of the Arayat uplands would also mean the deterioration of the habitat of waterfowls and migratory birds of the swamplands. Addressing the conservation issues of the uplands would also help address the degredation of the swamplands. As such, the two different ecosystems cannot be separated from each other.

At present, Mt. Arayat National Park is still denudd despite efforts at reforestation in some areas. Its condition has deteriorated to a large extent, as manifested by the decreasing number of dipterocarp species and other premium species such as narra, teak, and molave. What could be generally seen now in the area are non-commercial forests consisting of mossy type forests, giant Ipil-ipil, fire trees, and fruit bearing trees.

Biodiversity Charactersitic/Value:
The Candaba-Arayat watershed is an area in Central Luzon covering more than 32,000 hectares. Both the Candaba Swamp and Mount Arayat are considered ecologically important areas wherein the former
is an important staging and wintering area for water fowls, mainy ducks, and other migratory species as well as CITES listed flora such as Nipa palm (Nypa fruticans); the latter is a protected area harboring several endemic species (e.g. Arayat Cycad).

General Objective:
To minimize the degradation of the Arayat-Candaba watershed through restoration of important flora and fauna in the upland ecosystems.

Specific Objectives:
1. To rehabilitate habitats of important, endemic, endangered species of upland ecosystems by enrichment planing of forest patches in designated areas within the study site through community planting of forest patches in designated areas within the study site through community empowerment and participation.
2. To conduct capacity deveopment for efficient resource management and sustainable livelihood development ("tree-preneurship").
3. To increase the awareness and appreciation of the local population on the importance of the Arayat-Candaba watershed.

Target Outputs:
> Training resource kit on Tree-Preneurship prepared
> 100 families trained on tree-preneurship system
> Grow 50,000-60,000 seedlings propagated by 100 tree-preneur families in their backyard nurseries
> Designed enrichment planting areas planted with seedlings from the tree-preneurs.
> 50 trained as Punong-Buhay brigade
>Conducted seminars, learning forums
> Cross visit to similar site to show feasibility of the project.
> Community bulletins prepared and posted on strategic places in the community (Bgy. Hall, Chapel, Local sari-sari store, etc)
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Society for the Conservation of Philippine Wetlands, Inc.
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