Mangrove Nursery Establishment, Mangrove Reforestation and Improvement of Existing Fish Sanctuary
Mangrove Nursery Establishment, Mangrove Reforestation and Improvement of Existing Fish Sanctuary
PHL/SGP/UNEP-SCS/09/02 entitled Mangrove Reforestation and Nursery Establishment and Improvement of Existing Fish sanctuary aims to rehabilitate, protect, preserve and properly manage the marine resources and coastal areas of Orion, Bataan. The project will provide realiable supply of seedlings/planting materials for continuous mangrove rehabilitation, enrichment and reforestation through the establishment of mangrove nurseries and improve the existing condition of mangrove areas through reforestation. The project will also try to improve the economic condition of the community organization's members and fisherfolks in the province by increasing the fish stocks and fish catch and initiating livelihood through mudcrab culture within the rehabilitated mangrove areas.

Biodiversity Characteristics and Value:
• The Project focuses on rehabilitation of mangrove forests in the coastal waters of Orion Bataan that have been a major source of fishing stock in the area. The observed decline in fish catch because of degraded coastal habitats is attributed to improper utilization and management of coastal resources. The proposed 5,000 sq m. of mangrove nursery will supply 60,000 propagules for planting in the rehabilitation area.
• The project also targets the Orion Kent Fish Sanctuary, established as protected area for fish spawning thru Mun Ord.No. 94-020-008 on 24March1994. Artificial reefs recommended by BFAR and tested in other areas (Alas-asin, Totale and Liquigas) will be deployed to deploy the fishing activity in the area.

Specific Project Objectives:
1. Provide reliable supply of seedlings/ planting materials for continuous mangrove rehabilitation, enrichment, reforestation along Bataan coastal areas thru establishment of mangrove nursery
2. Improve mangrove areas in Orion
3. Increase fish stocks and fish catch organization members and other fisherfolks in the province
4. Provide livelihood program as incentive and alternative income for those responsible for protection of mangrove rehab areas
5. Conduct capacity building/ IEC for protection & maintenance of mangrove nursery, reforested areas, fish sanctuary to gain support of other stakeholders

Expected Output
>Seedling bank / nursery with sustainable operation/ management after a year of establishment. Nursery to be established in 5000sq.m area in Balut, Orion serving as source of reliable seedling materials for continuous mangrove rehab & reforestation
>4 has in Brgy Balut & 2 has in Brgy Daan Pare reforested mangrove areas. 60,000 propagules to be planted in the two target sites for one year, w/ protective fence.
Initial activity is mangrove reforestation until nursery has been established for continuous reforestation .
>Development of Orion Kent Fish Sanctuary (established on 24 March 1994 by Mun. Ord. 94-020-008) as spawning, breeding and feeding area of fishes. >Alternative livelihood (mudcrab culture) for people doing reforestation, eventually to become a microenterprise.
>Trained Bantay Dagat Volunteers
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Samahan at Ugnayan ng Pangisdaan ng Orion
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US$ 42,815.00
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Satisfactorily Completed
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