Sustaining Community Initiatives on Forest Resource Rehabilitation and Protection
Sustaining Community Initiatives on Forest Resource Rehabilitation and Protection
Antique Human Development Program, Inc.'s project, Sustaining Community Initiatives on Forest Resource Rehabilitation and Protection aims to engage various community stakeholders in collectively addressing the unregulated wildlife hunting, extraction of non-timber forest products, intrusion of forest occupants, illegal quarrying of mineral resources and introduction of exotic species in the Sibalom Natural Park to preserve its diverse resources and potentials. The project will encourage agro-forestry using the SALT method in abandoned lands, develop ecotourism circuits to avert further damage on the species while providing alternative livelihood.

Biodiversity Characteristic Value
The Sibalom Natural Park (SNP) was declared Protected Area on 23April2000 by Presidential Proclamation 282 under RA No. 7586 or NIPAS Act. Covering an area of 5,511.47 hectares. The SNP is one of the remaining lowland forests in Panay and plays a relatively important role in Southern Antique because of its proximity to San Remigio’s Padlusan National Forest Reserve, which is an extension of Central Panay mountains. The area was also former extension of the Valderrama Regular Reforestation Project of the Bureau of Forest Devt (now FMB).

SNP and the whole of Panay is endowed with plants and animals found nowhere else in the world. 59 bird species identified in Sibalom, half are dependent on the forest for survival, 8 are endemic to the Philippines, such as Walden’s Hornbill, Visayan Hornbill, white winged Cuckoo-shrike. The Negros Bleeding Heart, the Visayan Spotted Deer and the Visayan Warty Pig are also found in the area, as well as dipterocarp species like Shorea contorta, Hopea sp. and Dipterocarpus grandiflorus, and one of the biggest flowers, Rafflessia. The massive deforestation throughout the region has led many species to extinction, locally and globally. Further damage to the forest will lead to extinction of these species.

General Objective:
The project is expected to increase the participation and involvement of the communities and Barangay LGUs in forest rehabilitation and conservation.

Specific Objectives:
1. Enhance the awareness of community residents particularly the school children on environmental protection;
2. Enhance the capabilities of communities forest protection and management;
3. Rehabilitate at least 40 hectares of watershed areas with the use of indigenous tree species;
4. Develop community-tourism circuit;
5. Organize at least two (2) actively involved school-based environmental groups;
6. lobby for the strict enforcement of ordinances related to forest protection and other environmental laws;
7. coordinate or link the Barangay LGUs to other resource agencies; and
8. Sustain the participation of various stakeholders.

Expected outputs:
1. 5 barangays are actively involved in watershed rehabilitation and protection activities
2. 3 communal nurseries with at least 60,000 seedlings of indigenous tree species;
3. At least 40 hectares of watershed areas rehabilitated;
4. at least 1 tourism circuit developed involving 3 barangays and with clear guidelines/policy on tourism management;
5. At least 2 school-based organizations formed and with schools declared as environment friendly
6. 5 barangays with environment related ordinances strictly enforced; and
7. cohesive partnership of various sectors
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Antique Human Development Program
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US$ 50,000.00
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Satisfactorily Completed
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