Conservation and Protection of Bulaklakin Reef Fish Sanctuary
Conservation and Protection of Bulaklakin Reef Fish Sanctuary
The 15-hectare Bulaklakin Reef in the coastal waters of Ternate, Cavite Province is located between two big resorts. Being in one of the biggest tourist destinations in the province, the Reef is subjected to a lot of human pressure. It is the second biggest reef area, next to Carabao Island fish sanctuary of Maragondon, Cavite. The Rapid Risk Assessment of Bulaklakin Reef conducted in April 2005 showed that only 37-40% of reef area has live corals and fishes. The coastal waters of Ternate extending to the Manila Bay area has generally been found to have declining marine resources caused by illegal fishing activities, land reclamation, cutting of mangroves and water pollution.

BulaklakIing Reef has been declared Fish Sanctuary and Fishery Reserved by municipal resolution in 2005. It is essential to restore the marine resources in the area to help regain fish production that sustain the livelihood of local fisherfolks, the municipality and the province as well.

The project aims to protect and conserve the Bulaklakin Reef as a fish reserve by means of solving the problems identified in the area.

Project’s specific objectives:
a.) To develop and implement a five-year plan for protection and rehabilitation of Bulaklakin Reef
b.) To protect and conserve the Bulaklakin Reef through regular monitoring and patrolling of the area
c.) To plant mangroves to serve as wave barriers in the coastal area
d.) To conduct clean up drive in the area by showcasing solid waste management;
e.) To strengthen the Anak ng Dagat organization, uplift and increase their knowledge for a more effective and better management of marine resources.
f.) To provide supplemental livelihood support to Anak ng Dagat by building up starting capital for a small scale business of the members

The Anak ng Dagat, a group of fisherfolks from Barangay Bucana in Ternate will spearhead the activities with the support of the village and Municipal Local Government Units (LGUs). The ICM Division of the PGENRO is providing the technical expertise along with BFAR of Region 4A and PEMSEA. The big resorts in the area, which are also members of ICM Ternate Council have already been working together with the fisher folk organizations and other sectors of the community. They will provide access to the Bantay Dagat for monitoring and patrolling the sanctuary through the resorts’ property which is closer to the Bulaklakin Reef.

Expected output:
• Five-year management plan for protection and rehabilitation of the Bulaklakin Reef
• Boundary markings for the sanctuary area
• More organized and equipped Bantay Dagat (sea patrol brigade)
• Established Guard House
• Livelihood project for supplemental income of fisherfolks

Preparatory activities conducted:
Even before the formal commencement of the project, Anak ng Dagat has been doing patrol activities in the area. The group has facilitated the conduct of survey in the reef area in 2008 through the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic resources. As a result of their activities, coral reef condition achieved some improvement relative to survey resultsof 2005. They need more support in terms of upgrading their monitoring facilities (guard house, motor boat, etc.)
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Anak ng Dagat
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International Waters
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US$ 44,271.00
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US$ 31,600.00
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Satisfactorily Completed
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