Conserving Agro biodiversity in Al-Seek agriculture area, Addis Al-Sharkiah, Hadramout Governorate
Conserving Agro biodiversity in Al-Seek agriculture area, Addis Al-Sharkiah, Hadramout Governorate
Addis Al-Sharkiah is located some 100 Km from Mukalla, on the Mukalla-Al-Ghyadah main Road N 14? 55? 08.22? E 49? 59? 46.58?, the nearest settlement to the Sharma- Gathmoun Coastal Protected Area (Main Turtle breeding Beach). The city population is around 2000 inhabitants. Agriculture comes at second importance after fishing. Water resources are available from natural hot water springs, of which Al-Seek is the largest water source in the Area. Agriculture crops consist mainly of date Palm (390,000 trees in 60 cultivars, and 68 holdings), other fruit trees, fodder and cereals. The productivity of the oasis is progressive decline of water for irrigation due to less rain and drought. Recent rain (disaster) led to land slides that cover the springs obstructing the flow of water to its courses.
There is an ancient water right system that govern water distribution among holdings with a total of 483 Kirat (1 Kirat (Carat) = 30 minutes water flow. The total irrigation cycle last 10 days. In order for the farmer to subsidies (top up) spring irrigation they have to pump more water from shallow well 15 m depth. This requires a renewable energy driven pumps to deliver 70-90 m3/day to a tank to allow equitable water flow around the hour. This will help farmer community save their traditional irrigation system and adjust project sustainability through monthly bill adjusted according to flow time.
The project will help to raise awareness among farmer community of the importance of efficient water use and organic farming. The use of renewable energy will ensure securing the deficit in water required for irrigation hence saving the precious Agro-biodiversity and maintaining ancient/traditional irrigation system and finally improve farmers’ livelihood in Al-Seek Oasis.
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Project Snapshot

Al-Seek Community Group
Area Of Work:
Grant Amount:
US$ 49,992.00
Co-Financing Cash:
Co-Financing in-Kind:
US$ 33,670.00
Project Number:
Satisfactorily Completed
Project Characteristics and Results
Capacity - Building Component
Addressed through farmer communities workshop for sharing lessons and training oand awareness raising (water use effeciency and Organic farming).
Emphasis on Sustainable Livelihoods
Ensuring additional irrigation water will enable local farmers to save their date palms from death due to drrought. Also, more annual crops will be harvested and used or sold for more income hence better livelihood.
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Number of globally significant species protected by project 60
Number of households who have benefited* from SGP project 68

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Mr. Omar Ahmed Hobair
Phone: +967 777343020


Addis Al-Sharkiah, Hadramout Governorate
Addis Al-Sharkiah , Hadramout Governorate ,

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