Ile d'Ambre Community-Based Eco Management Project
Ile d'Ambre Community-Based Eco Management Project
Forever Blue is a non governmental organisation whose objectives are mainly to promote and sensitize the public at large and more specifically the youth on marine environment through the support of culture and the image culture. This has been mainly achieved with the Indian Ocean Underwater film festival and the “Ile d’Ambre and Ilôt Bernache Community based Eco-management project” is in the line of the education and sensitization goals and actions of Forever Blue on marine issues.
The long-term objective of this project is the sustainable management of the coastal and marine zones of Mauritius, with a strong involvement of the local community, local authorities and NGOs. It has for specific objectives: 1) to ensure an appropriate and sustainable management approach through education and sensitisation, utilising the Ile d’Ambre bio-region and its unique mix of habitats and anthropogenic activities as a teaching tool; 2) to increase local stakeholders awareness and understanding leading to the implementation of co-management strategies and local stewardship of the marine resources and biodiversity conservation in the area; 3) to support appropriate research and monitoring with a specific focus on the observation of sea turtles and surveys of sea grasses and mangrove leading to the development and implementation of appropriate community based management strategies in the Ile d’Ambre region, underpinned by sound scientific imperatives. 4) to promote the creation of a Marine Protected Area.
The project is in accordance with the GEF-SGP Strategy which promotes activities with regard to conservation and sustainable use and management of biodiversity in coastal, marine and freshwater ecosystems (OP 2). It is also in line with the government policy and its international commitment with regard to environment preservation, in particular integrated coastal zone management, and to poverty alleviation through integration and empowerment of local communities in the development process.
The bio-region of Ile d’Ambre and ilôt Bernache, including their adjacent lagoon, is a particularly suitable area for introducing environmental education and sensitisation initiatives as it lies adjacent to a heavily populated area, and yet is easily accessible for field visits. Also, the islets and lagoon region contains a wide variety of terrestrial and marine habitats, including some unique habitats that can be developed as special features.
At the end of the project, it is expected that 1) trainers are trained in the use and the preservation of terrestrial and marine environment; 2) local youth groups and school children are educated on the terrestrial and marine environment preservation; 3) local communities, other stakeholder groups and tourists are sensitised and understand better the environmental issues; 4) local stakeholders, in particular boat operators, boat trip organisers and IRS promoters are fully integrated in the management strategies; 5) island rangers and eco-tour guides are trained for environmental monitoring and management of Ile d’Ambre; 6) the Ile d’Ambre / Bernache region is declared protected area.
The project will be implemented with the support of several partners, such as the relevant local bodies and national authorities, other NGOs, but also any expertise and technical support drawn from specialised organisations like the Mauritius Research Council or the University of Mauritius. International expertise will also be sought in order to ensure the viability and sustainability of the strategic eco management plan. A financial institution has already manifested an interest in financing part of this project
The total cost of the project, including GEF-SGP, WIO-LaB, Forever Blue and other contributions, is 2 825 700 Rs (see III – Project Budget Information sheet)
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US$ 50,000.00
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US$ 44,306.00
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Satisfactorily Completed

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