Carte Verte des Sentiers de Randonnées de Rodrigues - Promoting Eco-Tourism in Rodrigues
Carte Verte des Sentiers de Randonnées de Rodrigues - Promoting Eco-Tourism in Rodrigues
Rodrigues island is situated 660 kms from the north-west coast of Mauritius. This small island of volcanic origin, has a lagoon twice its size, is 18 kms long by 6.5. Its landscapes vary from hilly lands to steep volcanic hills standing up as basaltic organ pipes. Its coasts are made of wild creeks, beaches lined with filaos, sandy coral islets where seabirds nest. With its 38 000 inhabitants, Rodrigues is still authentic and wild. The island of Rodrigues charms by its calm, its authenticity and the kindness of its inhabitants. More than in Réunion island or Mauritius, the objective of “green tourism” is asserting itself. Even if the number of tourists is increasing, the autonomous local government prefers quality to quantity.
The thousands of tourist who visit the island are mostly nature lovers. Several of them are keen with trekking activities and one can find them walking around on any typical day. There are however very few, if not at all, trekking paths which are identified and signposted.
The proposed project is about the setting up and upgrading of 25 kms of trekking paths one of which on the footsteps of the “Chercheur d`Or” of Jean Marie Leclezio who won the Nobel prize for literature this year. It will consist of cultivation of 5000 endemic plants along the paths, so as to promote these plants, fight erosion, ensure reforestation, act as carbon sinks and participate thus in local and global protection of environment. The trekking paths will be set up and/or upgraded with the help of local authorities, local NGOs, communautes villageoises. It will also consist of installation of signpost (piquets) on the paths to identify selected endemic plants and the direction for nature lovers. The other objectives are: (i) to publish a brochure “Carte Verte des Sentiers de Randonnées de Rodrigues” that describes a selected number of nature trails and the endemic/indigenous plants that can be found along them, to mark these tracks so that they are easy to follow; (ii) to train 8 guides (mostly women) who will be at the disposal of those tourists who want to have a guide during their trekking. The phone number of a member of Rodrigues Entreprendre au Feminin will be indicated on the Carte Verte and this person will be responsible for contacting the guides for their availability to accompany the tourist against payment of a fee, which will depend on the trekking path that they wish to take; (iii) to promote eco-tourism and nature-related recreational activities through a website and to increase the awareness of the local people with regards to nature and the environment. The final objective is to sell the “Carte Verte” so as to earn funds for cover regular maintenance of the tracks and signposts. One such map may be sold at around 1-2 euros thus earning between Euros 5,000 to 10,000.The proceeds of the sale will be well audited and used for the maintenance and for the re-printing of the “Carte Verte” if necessary.

These Carte Verte/map, both in English and French will describe each trail, signposts laid out along trails to guide visitors, raise community awareness on endemic plants of Rodrigues and the necessity of keeping our nature clean and a website with detailed information on those tracks and viewpoint.

The following tourist areas will be considered:
1. Citronelle/Solitude/Roseaux/ Anse Aux Anglais (Nord) : (sur les traces du chercheur d`or)
2. Trou d`argent - (Est)
3. Malabar-vers Port Mathurin ( Nord)
4. Pas Jerome/St Gabriel vers Citron Donis et Anse Baleine (Sud)
5. Palissade, Montagne Bois Mois, Mourouk vers Graviers ( Sud EST)
6. Reserve de Grande Montagne-St D`Or vers Baladirou (centreNord)
7. Quatre Vent /Montagne Malgache / Montagne Tonerre / Fond la Bonte/Baie aux Huitres (Nord)
8. Stade Jean Paul 2/ Riviere Pistache/( ouest)

The project responds to a need that has been expressed by local authorities as well as tourists over the years and the support of the authorities and proper permits will be requested before starting the project. Contacts have already been established with Discovery Rodrigues which is a tourist promoting agency under the Ministry of Tourism and they have been very eager to see the project implemented.

Rodrigues Entreprendre au Feminin will implement the project, total cost of which has been estimated at Rs. 2,179 750 and Rs. 1,550,000 is being requested from the GEF Small Grants. Rs. 500,000 will be contributed by REF for communication, website creation, administrative work, participation in international fair in Paris for promotion, etc. and an estimated Rs. 110,000 will come from community contribution for labour. An additional funding of Rs. 19,750 will be sought from private donors. Programme to cover expenses listed in the budget sheet at the end of this document. Around 23 women will be involved directly and indirectly in the project.
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Project Snapshot

Rodrigues Entreprendre au Féminin
Area Of Work:
Grant Amount:
US$ 50,000.00
Co-Financing Cash:
US$ 637.00
Co-Financing in-Kind:
Project Number:
Satisfactorily Completed
Number of women participated / involved in SGP project 25

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Phone: 8314607



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