The Management of the nature reserves of Ile aux Cocos and Ile aux Sables, Rodrigues, for Tourism and Wildlife -Additional Funding
The Management of the nature reserves of Ile aux Cocos and Ile aux Sables, Rodrigues, for Tourism and Wildlife -Additional Funding
The Mauritian Wildlife Foundation is dedicated to the conservation of the native wildlife of Mauritius and Rodrigues and their habitats. It has a specialisation in the restoration of small islands and has a long term involvement in the restoration of islands around Mauritius and Rodrigues. MWF recognises that islands are important tourist resources and are important for wildlife and has developed an ecotourism project on Ile aux Aigrettes that integrates tourism with conservation. The objectives of MWF closely mirror those of the GEF/SGP Country Programme Strategy, since we are dedicated to training, developing local capacity and establishing long-term self-sustaining projects.
MWF now wishes to become involved with the conservation and ecotourism management of Ile aux Cocos (15ha) and Ile aux Sables (8ha), two important island nature reserves in the lagoon of Rodrigues. MWF has a long-term involvement with Ile aux Cocos and Ile aux Sable, and now wishes to formalise its involvement with these important islands. Ile aux Cocos and Ile aux Sables have nationally important coastal vegetation communities and nationally important seabird populations that are being degraded by introduced weedy plants and threatened by unsympathetic tourist development. Without careful management the islands will continue to degrade and the seabird populations will be unlikely to flourish. With added protection it is likely that additional populations of seabirds will colonise the islands and they have the potential to become internationally important seabird reserves. Building upon our previous experiences and upon our core competences we intend to implement the following management :-
• Hire a coordinator and an assistant to manage the project on the islands.
• Organise a workshop for all stakeholders to discuss the management of the islands.
• Train the Co-ordinator and the assistant in the basics of guiding for an island such as Ile aux Cocos.
• By increased protection and vegetation management develop Ile aux Sable as a strict nature reserve.
• Help implement zones on the Ile aux Cocos for recreation, habitat restoration and conservation and establish a system of paths.
• Survey the important seabird populations on the islands and monitor other species that visit the islands and may breed there. Monitor the visiting wading bird populations.
• Train the coordinator and assistant and if necessary a local biologist to conduct quarterly surveys of the birds on both islands.
• Facilitate the restoration of the native vegetation by removing weeds and replanting with native plants.
• Help implement current management plans for Ile aux Cocos and Ile aux Sables and if necessary produce additional recommendations.

This work will only be possible with the cooperation, involvement and co-funding from the Rodrigues Regional Assembly, Forestry Department and the Fisheries Department. The plants for restoring the vegetation community on the islands will be grown at the MWF plant nursery in Solitude and in community nurseries. MWF Rodrigues will facilitate the involvement of those running the community nurseries to help in the planting and restoring the vegetation communities on the islands.
The total cost of the project will amount to MUR 3,513,958 ( approx US$ 125,499).
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