Native plant propagation and management service in Rodrigues
Native plant propagation and management service in Rodrigues
The Friends of Wildlife Rodrigues (FWR) is a local Rodriguan NGO, established in late 2001 that aims to help conserve Rodriguan plant biodiversity, by providing native plants for sale and restoration management consultancy services. FWR’s 8 members have worked as volunteers for over 1 year with Mauritian Wildlife Foundation (MWF) Rodrigues Branch. In this time they have been trained in native plant propagation, forest restoration and community conservation techniques.
The primary objective of the proposed project is to aid the establishment of a financially self-sustaining, NGO enterprise in Rodrigues that will mass produce native plants for sale and provide consultancy services in planting and restoration management, both to the community and to private enterprises. The project will make native and endemic plants and support available to new sectors of the Rodrigues community who now wish to plant native species on local lands or to restore degraded lands. This project will therefore significantly increase the populations of native and endemic plants in Rodrigues, helping to ensure that sustainable supplies of useful and ornamental native plants are available to local communities, and also stabilising eroding soils and decreasing sedimentation of the Rodrigues lagoon.
Contacts between FWR and several bulk purchasers of native plants are already well advanced and the prospects for a steady long term demand for native plants and plant management consultancy services in Rodrigues are good.
Due to the active promotion of plant biodiversity conservation in Rodrigues in recent years an increasing demand has grown for native and endemic plants for use in village beautification, restoration of sites degraded by quarrying, school gardens, hotel and tourism site gardens, and private gardens. This demand, if unfulfilled from sustainable sources, could result in increased pressure on wild populations. The provision of native plants for land rehabilitation and landscaping will also prevent future problems that are caused by widespread planting of alien invasive and water-thirsty plant species.
None of the organisations currently involved in native/endemic plant propagation in Rodrigues are able to provide mass produced plants for this emerging market. Thus there is a clear niche for the development of a small business entrepreneurship to provide mass orders of native/endemic plants for sale, and to support site restoration/rehabilitation and management (both directly and through facilitation of community groups).
There is also a big need for local fruits in Rodrigues and we plan to use our nursery for propagating these local species apart from concentrating on endemic plants as well. Furthermore, we have been approached by a promoter who is willing to buy Rodriguan coffee from us. We have submitted an application for land and hopefully it will be granted so that we can diversify our agricultural business.
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Friends of Wildlife Rodrigues
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US$ 20,250.00
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Mr Harel Begué


c/o MWF Rodrigues Office, Solitude, Rodrigues
Rodrigues ,

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Mrs. Pamela Bapoo-Dundoo
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