Eco-Tourism at the Rivulet Terre-Rouge Estuary Bird Sanctuary- (Ramsar Site)
Eco-Tourism at the Rivulet Terre-Rouge Estuary Bird Sanctuary- (Ramsar Site)
The Force Vive de Roche Bois (FVRB) is a local non-governmental Organisation (NGO) working on community-centred development in the village of Roche-Bois and its surroundings. The village is located on the northern outskirt of the Mauritian capital Port-Louis. The fulfilment of the objectives of the FVRB is primarily achieved by performing proximity information dissemination and through training and counselling.
The Rehabilitation and Development Programme for the Rivulet Terre-Rouge Estuary Bird Sanctuary (RTREBS) project will be carried out in close collaboration with the National Parks and Conservation Service (NPCS) of the Ministry of Agro Industry and Fisheries, the latter being the guardian and responsible institution for the management site. It is a very challenging project taken up by the FVRB in view of creating jobs for the people of Roche Bois, creating public awareness and preserving the estuary of Terre-Rouge which is at present an unexploited asset in Roche Bois, in the Capital City of Port-Louis. Indeed, the estuary is not only the first protected wetland of Mauritius but is also the first wetland in Mauritius which is internationally recognised. It forms part of the 800 proclaimed Ramsar Sites (wetlands of international importance) worldwide. It is important because it provides food and shelter to the migratory birds at a crucial stage in their life cycle and is responsible for maintaining the biological diversity of the region.
The FVRB wants to develop the concept of ownership in the people of Roche Bois for the site from which they could derive a source of income by bringing in the concept of ecological and cultural tourism in Roche-Bois. This will be achieved by providing training to some 20 to 25 enterprising people (youngsters mainly) of Roche Bois and the environs in sculpture, painting and marketing. The training in sculpture and painting will be carried out respectively by Ecole de Sculpture de Bambous and Art and Music Socio-Cultural Association of La Pointe Tamarin, organisations which not only have the know-how in these fields but also proven themselves. The sculptures and painting, with the estuary and its migratory birds as the main themes, produced by the trainees will be sold in the Craft Market which will be built in the Sanctuary compound adjacent to the parking area.
It is also proposed to build a hide which will allow the visitors to come very close to the migratory birds and to observe them without actually having any physical contact with the birds. The present NPCS Visitors Centre on the site, the proposed hide to be built on the mud flats, the endemic garden already created by NPCS and the proposed Craft Market will form an ideal interesting ecological and cultural tour for visitors to the estuary with the help of a landscaper. Some 6 to 8 guides from Roche Bois will be formed by the NPCS to conduct guided tours for visitors, both locals and foreigners, against payment of a fee (to be decided between the NPCS and FVRB). An officer of NPCS will benefit from training in ringing and surveying of waterbirds in South Africa. This will help in the further monitoring of the bird population and its health status.
The project will provide not only added values to the estuary but will also help in creating awareness on the importance of preserving the site with its biological diversity for posterity. Last but not least it will help in alleviating poverty in Roche Bois. It is in line with the socio-cultural study done by Mouvement pour le Progres de Roche Bois (MPRB) under the GEF/SGP funding.
The total cost of the project amounts to Rupees three million five hundred and fifty two thousand and six hundred only (Rs3, 352,600) with a contribution of Rupees one million three hundred and five thousand (Rs 1, 305,000) requested from GEF/SGP(UNDP).

Project Snapshot

Force Vive de Roche-Bois
Area Of Work:
Grant Amount:
US$ 50,000.00
Co-Financing Cash:
US$ 78,087.00
Co-Financing in-Kind:
US$ 18,794.00
Project Number:
Satisfactorily Completed
Project Characteristics and Results
Notable Community Participation
During the mission prior to developing the project, meetings were held with the inhabitants of Roche-Bois. During the presentation sessions, the inhabitants expressed their interests to contribute to the realisation of the project when the details were outlined to them. Women in particular in the meetings and site visits came forward and showed eagerness to help in the craft market and in the sensitisation process. They mentioned that they would be very fortunate to give a helping hand in the dissemination of the project. This project has involved the community right from the start from the development of the proposal and the following is being planned: · Involving the inhabitants of Roche-Bois on training sessions jn painting, sculpture etc. At the beginning of each training session, explanations will be provided to the inhabitants who will then filter down the information to the whole community · The different zones of Roche-Bois will be requested to submit names of potential candidates for training. · The benefits of the project will be shared in such a way that the inhabitants of Roche-Bois get a fair share in terms of community development.
Emphasis on Sustainable Livelihoods
income generation through eco-tourism project

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