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Climate Change Mitigation
Project Number:   YEM/OP3/1/06/03
Shu'eb village located at N 12 55887 E 53 39385, Qalanciah district, Socotra Island, Hadramout Governorate, Republic of Yemen. The population of shu'eb is 600 people in 75 families sloley a fishing community. Water supply is from two sources, the ( ... )
Climate Change Mitigation
Project Number:   YEM/OP3/2/06/06
The six villages (Bedhola, Stero, Mahatta, Mharef, Arshani and Amahk Beach camp site) located in the Nojid plain close to Sea shore. Fresh water is not avaiilabel at villages sites due to their proximity to the sea. There live 1801 inhabitants of ( ... )
Climate Change Mitigation
Project Number:   YEM/OP3/1/06/01
Afsar village (N 12.576100 E 54.212580), located half way between Homhill and Dehameri Protected Areas (less then 5 km) and within Momi national park on Socotra. The community consists of 20 families with total of 200 people. The community ( ... )
Climate Change Mitigation
Project Number:   YEM/OP3/2/06/02
The project will enable community of Al-Yaman Village to install a solar water pumping system to provide water from a well located 5 km from thier village located at Sea shore. The project will allow commuinty to participate in projects activites ( ... )
Project Number:   YEM/GEF/SGP/OP3/CORE/Y2/06/04
The three villages (Qashaihen, Kadha and Adoona) are located on Deneghen wadi run off system at the suberb of Hadibu city the capital of Socotra. Water is avialble in Wadi Deneghen year round in suffecient quantity. There live 274, 370 and 130 ( ... )
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