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Monday, 22 August 2022 23:03

Répertoire des Plantes Médicinales

Written by joseanna
  • Type: Report/Publication, Country Publication
  • Languages:
  • Focal Areas: Biodiversity
  • Priority Groups: Indigenous Peoples, Women, Youth
  • Countries: Senegal
  • Partnerships: ICCA-GSI
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Répertoire des Plantes Médicinales (Directory of Medicinal Plants) provides an ethnobotanical analysis of a full range of plants identified for various diseases, and ailments, including those associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. It is a result of many studies and interviews conducted with an array of stakeholders including Imam Mamadou Seydou Diallo (president of the ICCA of Lowé), indigenous peoples and local communities living in villages surrounding the Lowé ICCA forest (Diallocounda, Medina France, Kanicounda and Boudouck), women's groups, healers, religious leaders, customary authorities, representatives of Senegal’s Water and Forestry services, amongst others. The intellectual property of this directory belongs to the communities of the ICCA of Lowé, heirs of the traditional therapeutic knowledge and guardians of the ancestral, cultural, and religious treasure of knowledge, tradition, and know-how. Furthermore, since traditional knowledge is orally passed down from one generation to another, this documentation serves as a protection of ancestral knowledge that can be easily referred to and enjoyed by future generations. This publication is primarily intended for the populations of the Lowé area and its surrounding villages, and for practitioners and experts in traditional medicine.
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