SGP staff members have never failed to express their appreciation of the volunteer services and the level of involvement and interaction has motivated us as a group to develop a level of passion that is unbelievable.
Amsale Maryam
SGP National Steering Committee
Deputy Chairperson and Gender Focal Point

What has been the most significant contribution of the National Steering Committee (NSC)?

"Firstly, the most significant contribution of our NSC group was to launch the SGP in Jamaica and to provide our overall dedication and volunteer expert services to ensure the programme's sustainability over the years. In addition, we know that we as a group have some level of responsibility through this programme to ensure that the voices of the poor and most vulnerable are heard. As a group, we believe in this programme. As such we are always motivated to promote the programme wherever we go.

Secondly, the NSC has been working with the National Coordinator and Programme Assistant to ensure great effectiveness, efficiency and accountability in the execution of the programme. The SGP staff members have never failed to express their appreciation of the volunteer services for the programme, and the level of involvement and interaction has motivated us as a group to develop a level of passion that is unbelievable. With this spirit, the NSC members are very motivated and committed in making whatever contribution the programme needs to operate in the most efficient and effective manner.

Thirdly, we contributed by providing our invaluable input to the improvement of the M&E process, by participating in the various project site visits, by interacting with the grantees in the implementation of their projects, and by raising their awareness to climate change and other environmental issues. This has also given us the opportunity to experience for ourselves some of the challenges that these vulnerable persons have to face on a daily basis, and to know that we as a team can - in our little way - provide some support. "

What do you consider the most unique aspect of the SGP?

"The most unique aspect of the SGP is its strategic thrust in being a Global NGO grant making organization, creating opportunities for stakeholders to secure environmental benefits in all the areas such as climate change, land degradation, biodiversity, capacity development and to infuse those with sustainable livelihood approaches.

Also, this is the only programme in Jamaica with such as fast turnaround mechanism in approving project proposals, and it is one of the few programmes that allow the poor and vulnerable to have easy access to funding. Unlike other local NGOs and CBOs, SGP is well recognised and supported by all sectors, including the Government."



Ms. Hyacinth Douglas
National Coordinator
Phone:+ (876) 978-2390-9 ext. 2030
1-3 Lady Musgrave Road,Kingston 5, LA and the Caribbean


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