I feel so happy and I cannot fully express my gratitude because we have been waiting for three years to have solar energy in our homes. With the support of our partners, I have been able to see this day at the age of 87.

Keshi Tsegay Gezehey
Woman representative of Qnafna region

The project "Demonstration of low carbon solar home systems and afforestation in Qnafna"  has provided solar PV system to off the grid villages in Qnafna region. The total number of house holds that have directly benefited  the project is 252 out of which 126 are women headed households. The total direct beneficiary population is 1,380 out of which 700 are children. In addition to this, indirect beneficiaries of the solar project are 15 villages with a total of  7,706 people who are benefiting from social services provided in the  clinic,  in the two schools, and in  administrative offices. In general, 75% of the total beneficiary population are women & children.


We have been using cow dung as fuel since it was the most affordable and accessible in our neighbourhood. We were suffering from the smoke and it affected our health. Use of solar energy will improve the quality of our lives.

Adey Asli Berhane
85 years old
Woman of Qnafna region


Mr. Alemseged Moges
National Coordinator
Ms. Freweini Negash
Programme Assistant
Hday street,Asmara, East Africa5366
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