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Start Date: Jul 2020
FSM: Improving community water security and climate change knowledge
Start Date: Jul 2020
FSM: Pepper Processing Center - Capacity Development (Food Security)
Start Date: Feb 2020
FSM: Lelu Farmers Association (LFA)
Start Date: Oct 2019
FSM: Cultural Heritage Entertainment Service, Community Development, and Support services for Educat...
Start Date: Oct 2019
FSM: Enimwahn Development Association Inc (EDA)
Start Date: May 2018
FSM: Enimwahn Development Association, Inc. (EDA)
Start Date: Dec 2018
FSM: Eauripik Shore-Erosion Project
Start Date: Dec 2018
FSM: U Community Canoe Building and Conservation Initiative
Start Date: Nov 2014
FSM: Yela Ka Forest Legacy: Moving Towards Establishing A Ridge-To-Reef Community- Driven Initiativ...
Start Date: Aug 2009
ROP: An indigenous and scientific learning approach to improve degraded habitats in Palau
Start Date: Jun 2009
RMI: Re-establishment, Conservation and Sustainable Use of the Un Man Pandanus Variety for the Livel...
Start Date: Nov 2007
FSM: Improving community-based MPA management by designing floating rafts as portable surveillance s...
Start Date: Aug 2006
FSM: Alternative Income Generation for MPA Communities in Pohnpei, FSM through Small-scale Maricultu...


Mr. Simpson Abraham
National Coordinator
Phone:+ (691)320-5785
Ms. Lavernie Pretrick
Programme Assistant
Phone:+ (691)320-8043
Fax:+ (691)320-1276
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