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Start Date: Nov 2008
Mafoota Greenhouse Project
Start Date: Oct 2008
Reducing Climate Change-Driven Erosion and Landslide Risks through Sustainable Agriculture for Safer...
Start Date: Jan 2008
Application of Vermicomposting and Land Management Techniques to reduce soil erosion and use of pers...
Start Date: Jan 2008
Biodiversity Conservation and Awareness, Portland
Start Date: Jan 2008
Conserving Bio-diversity in Alps
Start Date: Jan 2008
Encouraging Sustainable Farming through Reforestation and Protected Agriculture in Central Jamaica
Start Date: Jan 2008
Portland Bight Sustainable Wetland Project: Phase 1
Start Date: Jan 2008
Ramble Pond Turtle Assessment and Pond Restoration Project- A Strategy for creating a model inland p...
Start Date: Jan 2008
Santoy HTH Development for Land Degradation Management and Small Farmer Development
Start Date: Jan 2008
The Application of Renewable Energy Technology to Facilitate the Development of Sustainable Alternat...
Start Date: Jan 2008
The Establishment of Composting Toilets and Water Harvesting Infrastructure for the Dolphin head Hik...
Start Date: Nov 2007
Improved Land Management in Four Parishes
Start Date: Jan 2007
Cotterwood/Content Environment Protection (Prevention of Soil Erosion/Land Slippage)
Start Date: Sept 2006
Ramble Pond and Environs Environment Project
Start Date: Jul 2006
Community Watershed Education Programme: Public Awareness and Action in the Driver's River Watershed


Ms. Hyacinth Douglas
National Coordinator
Phone:+ (876) 978-2390-9 ext. 2030
1-3 Lady Musgrave Road,Kingston 5, LA and the Caribbean