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Start Date: Jan 2003
Integrated Management Plan for Preservation and Rehabilitation of Doshakh Valley in Parow Mountain t...
Start Date: Jan 2003
Training Youths and Locals as Forest Rangers to Preserve Noor Forest Park
Start Date: Sept 2002
A Pilot Project for Community Traffic Management through Promoting Public Transportation Among Schoo...
Start Date: Aug 2002
Integrated Participatory Pest Management- Local Community Empowerment for Reducing Agricultural Poll...
Start Date: Apr 2002
Miankaleh Wetland Biodiversity Conservation Through Local Community Empowerment (in Zaghmarz & Qareh...
Start Date: Mar 2002
Dena in 2002 and Empowerment of the Local Community
Start Date: Mar 2002
Pilot Project for Monitoring & Rehabilitation of Natural Ecology of Zagros Mountain Through Kinships
Start Date: Mar 2002
Pilot Project for Rehabilitation of Marine Resources of the Persian Gulf in Salakh Region (Qeshm Isl...
Start Date: Mar 2002
SGP Capacity Building for the Network of Environmental NGOs in line with GEF/SGP Goals
Start Date: Feb 2002
Active Community Empowerment for Mangrove Conservation in Govater
Start Date: Feb 2002
Alternative Energy Sources for the Protection of Combustible Scrubs for Rural Societies of Azarbaija...
Start Date: Feb 2002
Conservation of the Endangered Medicinal and Rangeland Species in Lazoor Village Through Community P...
Start Date: Feb 2002
Establishment of a Revolving Fund for Training and Propagating the Native Endangered Species of Plan...
Start Date: Feb 2002
People's Participation for Plant Biodiversity Protection in Central Zagros Region
Start Date: Dec 2002
Participatory EIA for Sustainable Fish Farm Capacity in Port Kiashahr Wetland and Sepidrood Delta, R...


Ms. Laleh Daraie
Former National Coordinator
UNDP, P.O. Box 15875-4557,Tehran