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Start Date: Jul 2014
Rehabilitation of Land Degradation through afforestation and introduction of compost in Berik sub re...
Start Date: Jun 2014
Tokond’e Community Based watershed management
Start Date: Feb 2013
Demonstration of low carbon solar home systems and afforestation in Qnafna
Start Date: Jan 2013
Rehabilitation of Land Degradation through Afforestation and Introduction of Compost in Serejeka Sub...
Start Date: Nov 2012
Optimizing tillage and rain water conservation in the soils of Hamelmalo region of Eritrea for arres...
Start Date: Mar 2010
Bio-Gas as alternative source of energy for Environmental protection and improving livelihood at hou...
Start Date: Mar 2010
Promotion of community afforestation and land reclamation in Sub zoba Aditekelezan
Start Date: Mar 2010
Promotion of Community Based Afforestation and Soil & Water Conservation at Sub Zoba Adi Tekelezan
Start Date: Feb 2010
Community Based turtle conservation at Dissei Island
Start Date: Dec 2010
Training of Trainers to communities on Forest management, Improved Traditional Stove and Nutrition
Start Date: Dec 2009
Improvement of livelihood in rural community through provision of solar lanterns and environmental r...
Start Date: Dec 2009
Solar powered IT system for the schools of Adibeza and Adigultti in sub reagion Areza
Start Date: Nov 2009
Improved Traditional Stove in three villages of Aditekelezan subreagion
Start Date: Oct 2009
Rehabilitation of Hirgigo Mangrove Forests and Improving Communitis' Livelihood


Mr. Alemseged Moges
National Coordinator
Ms. Freweini Negash
Programme Assistant
Hday street,Asmara, East Africa5366