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Start Date: Jan 2020
Sustainable Coastal Resources Management and Restoration for the livelihood of poor fishermen, parti...
Start Date: Jul 2018
Community base Natural Resources Managment for Improving the livelihood through Community Based Eco-...
Start Date: Jun 2018
Sustainable Community Forestry Management through Development of Phnom Chumroksut Community Based Ec...
Start Date: Jun 2018
Sustaining Forest Management Toward REDD+ Implementation-(SFMTR+) at Chrok La Eang Community Protect...
Start Date: Dec 2018
working together to strengthening the sustainable of Community Forestry management for improving fo...
Start Date: Jan 2017
Conservation and Rehabilitation of Ream Mountain Landscape for improving livelihood of community in ...
Start Date: Jan 2017
Protection and rehabilitation of spring water catchment areas of Kulen Mountain landscape project. ...
Start Date: Aug 2015
increasing effectiveness of Community Forestry (CF) Management and Livelihood of community to reduce...
Start Date: Aug 2015
Ou Bosleav Community Forestry Management towards REDD+
Start Date: Aug 2015
Prey Cham Smach Community Forestry Management towards REDD+
Start Date: Aug 2011
Natural resource conservation in community fisheries areas project
Start Date: Jul 2011
Biodiversity and protected area management project
Start Date: Jul 2011
Rural Livelihood Promotion through Climate Change Adaptation from Forest Resources Improvement and I...
Start Date: Dec 2011
Biodiversity conservation and Ba Baong Community Development project
Start Date: Dec 2011
Improvement of local community livelihood at Sambuor and Thlork communes through adaptation to CC re...


Ms. Navirak NGIN
National Coordinator
Phone: +(855-23) 860900 Ext.1958
Ms. Socheata Kim
Programme Assistant
Phone:+ 855 860900 Ext.1958
Phnom Penh Center, 6th Floor (Block A), Corner Sothearos & Sihanouk Blvd, Tonle Bassac, Chamcamor B,Phnom Penh