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Start Date: Apr 2018
Sustainable Solar Energy in Santa Elena
Start Date: Nov 2017
Combatting Climate Change in the Vaca Forest Reserve
Start Date: Jan 2016
Strengthening System Level Management of Marine Protected Areas in the Northern Belize Coastal Compl...
Start Date: Apr 2015
Empowering Santa Teresa, Solar Energy for a Village in Southern Belize
Start Date: Dec 2015
Sustainable Financing of Conservation and Development in the Maya Mountain Marine Corridor
Start Date: Oct 2015
Planning Grant to Develop a proposal entitled: “Contributing to Community Seascape Conservation by...
Start Date: Sept 2014
Alternative Production of Grains and Home Garden Crops in the Belize River Valley
Start Date: Sept 2014
Enhancing the Sustainable Use of Natural Resources and Biodiversity to Improve Livelihoods in Aguaca...
Start Date: Sept 2014
“Capacity Building and Empowerment of the Chunox Fishers for Improved Management of the Marine Res...
Start Date: Jul 2014
Proposal for the Organization and Coordination of a Community/Civil Society/Government Dialogue Work...
Start Date: Jun 2014
Planning Grant to develop a proposal entitled “Empowering Santa Teresa, Solar Energy for a Village...
Start Date: May 2014
Building the Capacity of Local tour guides for Responsible Tourism in Punta Gorda, a Coastal Communi...
Start Date: Apr 2014
Promoting Conservation and Sustainable Use of fisheries resources by Building Capacity and Seeking A...
Start Date: Nov 2014
Planning Grant to develop a proposal entitled: “Supporting Improved Livelihood Opportunities for t...
Start Date: Oct 2014
"Promoting Climate Change Adaptation through Resilient and Sustainable Agricultural Practices in th...


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